Developing a Content Strategy for Your Business

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We often hear the phrase “Content is King”, but the phrase is incomplete. Actually, well-managed content is actually King. Words and images tend to realize your brand and give it a physical appearance. Content has a purpose: to maintain your image, to show your ability and to market your brand. This is why content management is an important matter for every organization and online marketer.

Content Strategy - The Blueprint of Your Content

You must have a content strategy right before you publish the first material. The content strategy will identify the goals, evaluate existing content and define methods to reach desired results. Without an effective content strategy, your content will be distorted, inconsistent and meaningless. There will be content but it won’t be serving your identity, nor will it be generating any sales.

Here is the list of basic steps to draft an effective content strategy. I hope you will find it useful.

Defining Target Audience

You will first need to understand your target audience: what are their pains, what do they wish, what sort of convenience are they looking for? This will form the basis of your content and its presentation.

Defining Your Ability

Once you know what your audience needs, you need to present yourself as a reliable and able provider in front of them. This is also the point where you will put your USPs (Unique Selling Points) which distinguishes you from your competitors.

Defining Strategies

You will then define how you will reach your goals with the help of content. This may include a plan to publish content in regular intervals, where each may cater to a particular subset of the goal.

Content Audit

Before you plan to create new content, you will need to evaluate your existing stock. Published website and printed materials can be good sources to find existing material. You will also need to evaluate at this point if the existing content is in-line with your current philosophy and goals.

Who Designs the Content?

Your content strategy should not only identify new content that needs to be developed, but should also identify key developers who will work on it. You will decide whether you will leverage your own employees or you will need to hire freelancers/expert services for this task.