Increasing The Readership Of Your Blog

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Blogs can be a great way to promote your business, yourself and your brand but whatever the purpose of your blog you need to draw in as many readers as possible, so how do you go about getting people to your blog?

Use a quality blog platform

You will have a great head start if you use a quality blogging sites such as WordPress because sites like these already rank highly in the search engines, so will attract visitors directly when they enter relevant keywords. Some of the lesser-known blogging platforms will not have this advantage and it means you need to work even harder to get readers to your site.

Create lots of links to your blog

Don't rely solely on search engine traffic, you have to put some work into getting links in as many places as possible to get people to click through to your blog. The first place to start, of course is your own website -- make sure you have a link to your blog from every page of your website. Secondly, put your blog address into your e-mail signature so that every e-mail you send is also promoting your blog. Then you can start getting links from a diverse selection of relevant websites, forums, social media, directories and so on.

Create a press release

If you can create an unusual story around the theme of your blog, you could write a press release which could bring you a deluge of new readers. Make it humorous, inspiring, emotional or shocking and make sure there is some human interest to your story. Some illustrative photographs should also be used to grab attention and help tell your story. You can approach the online media directly or through agencies and also try the printed versions of local and national newspapers and magazines -- if your story is interesting enough, you stand a good chance of getting your article in print.

Increase the posts readers can see

When you do get visitors to your blog, you need to highlight other posts to draw people further into your blog. You don't want to be judged solely on your last post but on the whole of your work, so highlight related posts within your blog. You can also have links to other posts at the end of your current post -- you can do this manually with links or use the methods that most blog platforms provide.


A good way to draw readers back to your blog is to serialize your blog post. Just as a novel can be serialized, you can create a long story that you break up into several smaller posts. Each post in a series should have a structure and should leave the reader curious as to what's coming next -- leave them with some sort of cliffhanger equivalent to the end of a chapter in a gripping thriller.

One way to check if your serialized blog is achieving its aim of bringing readers back to your blog is to check your statistics and also see if people are posting throughout the series.

Be provocative

Another way to draw people in is to be controversial by starting a debate about an important topical subject. Try to draw readers in by inviting them to discuss the issue and get their comments.

You could even set up a podcast on your blog, which is effectively your own radio station, and invite people to call in and discuss issues live. Possibly a scary prospect, but it would certainly liven up the debate and draw visitors to your blog/podcast.

Use excerpts

Some people consider this to be bad form but you can increase readership of your blog posts by posting excerpts from older posts on your current blog. This is a way to get your readers interested in previous posts and look around the rest of your blog site.

Concentrate on quality

When all is said and done, the best way to get more readers to your blog is to write engaging, compelling and interesting content. As people get to know your work, word will spread and people will come flocking to read your latest offerings. Word-of-mouth as we know is always the best recommendation and this goes for blogs, products and everything else.