5 Ways to Add Value to Your E-mails

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We all get irritated with constant calls to action, special offers and ‘buy me now’ and a lot of marketing e-mails get deleted on the spot or left unread because readers are not interested in buying anything at the moment or simply too busy to look at your e-mail. The trick to keeping your subscribers interested is to find ways to add some value to your communication with some interesting content such as expert advice, how to instruction and useful tips.

One of the best ways to do this is to send out newsletters on a regular basis. They don't have to be long or terribly complicated but they do have to be engaging and interesting -- so how can you make your e-mail newsletter something that people will welcome and anticipate?

Interactive content

Try to make your e-mails and newsletters come alive with video clips, audios and interactive software. It's easy these days to make your e-mails a lot more interesting and many people would click on to a video or audio rather than read through a lot of text. Well worth a try…

Entertainment value

People like to be entertained and if there is some way you could provide some light-hearted entertainment within your newsletter or interactive content, you will add a lot more value to your e-mail.


One of the best ways of providing newsy content for your readers is to tell them some human interest stories. Newspapers and magazines have known this for many years and people can relate readily to stories about other people. Try to put together some case studies of people who have used your products or services -- this is a good chance to show off some of your testimonials. You could also help your readers to relate to your company on a more personal level by telling them stories about people that work in your business, or stories about yourself. With the popularity of blogs and social networking, human interest stories are a reliable hook for your readers.

Engage your readers

People like to be asked their opinion, and surveys can be a good way to engage your readers and get them to feel part of your business. You can ask for their opinion on the look of your website, how easy it is to navigate, what product you should be offering or any number of other questions that will get them involved and engaged. You can also run prize draws and competitions and offer freebies to get them involved and visiting your website.


The main content of your newsletter will probably be to offer information in the form of advice, tips, reviews or new developments. Avoid cluttering up your newsletter with superfluous information -- make it relevant, topical and concise. Nobody has the time to read a lot of fluff and padding and they will appreciate you getting to the point.

Above all, try to add value to your e-mails and newsletters and avoid constant sales pitching or you risk losing valuable subscribers. A good newsletter can go a long way to keeping your customers loyal.

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