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Geo marketing is also called marketing geography and it uses the location of prospective customers as its main method of marketing -- it uses geographic information for marketing activities and delivers a specific content depending on your visitor's location.  Here's a quick rundown on it for those of you who are not familiar with the term or the concept of Geo marketing.

Geo marketing can be used in any aspect of marketing including the products on offer, the promotion itself, the determination of price and so on.  It also uses the place or location of the market and this is called geo targeting.

Certain segments of a market can be associated with a particular location and this can be very useful in targeted marketing.  For example, if you are marketing your products and services to users of social networking sites such as Facebook, you can target them precisely down to a few miles of a particular location.  You can also target them to a particular place, such as a school or place of work -- this would come under the heading of Geo marketing. Another example is the way that the financial services industry identifies hotspots of high customer traffic through analysing the use of ATMs.  Also included in Geo marketing is the delivery of specific content to visitors to your website depending on their location.  This can be done using software, which I'll tell you about in a minute...

With the use of highly sophisticated technology, our every move is being monitored and analysed and we are constantly the target of highly focused marketing (whether we like it or not!).  Some sections of the market are even using GPS tracking and GSM localisation technology to precisely track the movements of travelling customers!  By the way, GSM localisation is the use of technology to locate mobile phone users.

Perhaps targeting prospective customers through location would suit your business?

Geo targeting

Geo targeting delivers a specific content to your website visitor based on his or her location.  This can be as widely targeted as a specific country, region, state or county, a specific city or postcode area.  It can even target certain organisations and can determine a users Internet Protocol (IP) address, ISP or other criteria.

Geo targeting can be used by:

·         Webmasters who want to serve local content to a global market

·         Pay per click advertisers who wish to target their adverts to prospects in certain locations

·         Other advertisements such as banner ads or multimedia ads which are targeted to a certain Geo market

·         In fraud prevention by identifying IP addresses and comparing that to other information such as billing records and e-mail headers

·         Websites based on local content, such as cities.  Internet users searching for information about particular cities or towns will be targeted with adverts based on Geo marketing rather than product or service keyword searches.

·         Local businesses such as restaurants, shops and leisure facilities can target their market based on geography.

Geo targeting software

The delivery of different content based on your visitors’ location can be determined and automated using Geo targeting software.

This software can:

·         Determine where customers are located

·         Track IP addresses, credit card information and so on to determine a customer's location

·         Use digital maps to locate internet users

·         Select individual customers within certain locations

·         Deliver different web content depending on the visitor's location

You can find some downloads for Geo targeting software at the Software Dungeon:

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RapidSMTP Free Edition Newsletter software; send geotargeted e-mails to countries, regions or cities.... 34 Downloads
ATOM GPS Add geolocation to your photos in 1 click your gps track log or gps device. ... 8 Downloads
Tometa WhereIs Tometa WhereIs: converts IP to city, state, country, DMA Code & flag informa... 5 Downloads
GeoSniper Secure and Filter IIS by location, reduce bandwidth needs, make servers faster... 3 Downloads

So now, you have no excuse for not locating your customers!!