How to Create a Persona Online (And Why)

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This world is already ruled by the power of Internet. If you want to know more about a person, you can use Facebook to track down their profiles and their daily online activities. If you want to seek connections, you want to get hired, and you want to create an interesting and hire-able persona online, you can get it done.

Be Smart When You Are Online

It is true that you will never know what can happen online, so you need to become an intelligent internet user at all times. What takes place online?

  1. Revelations are found online. If you have been involved in illegal activities or misconduct finding proof is easy.
  2. Careers are ruined online. Classic examples would be powerful and popular personalities. Their behavior are monitored 24/7 by their detractors. So, if there is even a tiny hint of them showing misbehavior it will spread like a wildfire. So, you have to prepare for possible consequences if you learn about a damaging photo where you were tagged.
  3. Candidate screening for a particular job position is also done online. Employers use the search engine to learn more about their candidates.
  4. Web presence is essential but you should learn your boundaries. Your presence should be on the good side of the web and not the bad side. Strong online presence should be about showcasing your best shot especially if you are applying for a job.

Why Create a Persona Online

  1. If you are aiming for jobs and you want to get hired, make sure that you create a convincing professional persona online. Some companies skip the process of resume submission and interviews because they rely mostly on your online profile.
  2. Your persona online shapes you in both professional and personal ways. So, whatever content that is attached to your name, it should be about building a very good reputation.
  3. You know you are very qualified in the position you are applying for but suddenly, something went wrong. Then you found out that you were tagged in a post by your frenemy on Facebook. If you have known this before, then the catastrophe could have been prevented.

Things to Ponder When You Create a Persona Online

This is the reason why you need to become familiar in managing your reputation online. This leads you to expecting the unexpected. Creating a persona online is a tough call but you are still the one who makes the call when it comes to establishing your online presence.

  1. Don’t always think that you are safe. When your Facebook privacy is locked, there are still possibilities that you may be viewed one way or another.
  2. You need to talk to the employer about their policies when it comes to using social media networking sites. And when you are hired, make sure that you are also careful about the information you share online especially if the information is related to your employer.
  3. Be consistent. If you provide inaccuracies and you post them online, sooner or later it will become known.
  4. If you have the means, you can subscribe to any “Ego Search” services. These services will alert you whenever there are search results that mention your name.
  5. Do regular monitoring. Your “digital dirt” must be cleaned as well by un-tagging yourself from any unflattering images, status updates, and information on Facebook. If you find devastating information, destroy it the soonest time. Learn the basics in becoming an expert in damage control.
  6. You have to consider your name as a brand. To achieve this, you can set up an account on various websites that employer use in learning more about their potential hires. These websites include:  LinkedIn, Flickr, WordPress, and other user-group websites.

To create an outstanding persona online means to establish a profile that will serve you well during the job application process.  When you create a compelling persona online, you are actually proving a lot of good things about yourself. Know that, there are companies that use the data they get online as basis in judging and evaluating their potential hires.

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