Deadly Sin #7: Don’t Ignore Important Numbers

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Many affiliate marketers fail to make many of the small—yet important—calculations needed in order to run a business and ensure you are in profit and have strong profit margins.

For instance, many affiliate marketers will completely ignore the portion Clickbank extracts from each sale.

Instead, they’ll simply look at the price and the commission.

Additionally, many will ignore conversion rates, pay per click bids, and the amount of time they put into projects. They’ll also fail to make realistic estimates of how much promotional efforts will cost; and how much of a risk they’ll be.

They’ll glaze over all of these minor details and devote the majority of their time to daydreaming about the riches they will rake in.

Unfortunately, affiliate marketing doesn’t work like that.

If you’re paying too much for traffic; if your conversion rates are too low; if you put too much time into projects that don’t have high yields – the outcome is bad. Your numbers won’t add up.

At the end of the day, month, or year, you may end up in debt, rather than profit and wealth. And since you’re a sole proprietor, not a CEO of a corporation, that means you don’t get paid at all.

Even worse, you might lose some of your own money that you worked hard to get.