Using Dvds In Your Business

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DVDs have become mainstream since 1995 when they replaced video tapes. Not only are DVDs convenient to hold full length movies but they can also play a huge role in business as a medium for all manner of digital products. DVDs are low-cost to produce and can hold enormous amounts of data, making it perfect for backing up company information like websites and customer databases but they are also being used for producing and distributing information products.

DVDs can be used to distribute your marketing message at low cost. Rather than send a letter by direct mail, many companies are sending DVDs which can make their marketing come alive and allow the viewer to interact and click on links to your website -- DVDs can be amazingly dynamic. Imagine your company brochure animated with video clips and audio, delivered straight to your prospects home via the mail. They are used in a variety of industries and are perfect for sending samples of a whole range of products including music for professional musicians, book samples for authors, software, PowerPoint presentations and anyone who has a message to send via digital media.

DVDs can be given out freely, since they are so cheap to produce. You can give them out at trade fairs and business networking events and you can send them out to your subscribers in return for their contact details. With the advances in technology, we have seen the development of business card DVDs. Even the trusted and traditional business card can now come alive in the form of the e-business card, giving you the edge when it comes to first impressions over your competitors. E-business cards can store an impressive 330 MB of information and will run in any standard DVD drive on a PC or MAC.

If you have digital products such as books, films, software or music, for example, DVDs provide a fantastic method of delivering your information since it is so cheap to produce and yet provides a high perceived worth -- making for a high profit margin.

Duplication or replication

If you have decided that DVDs would benefit your business, you need to research getting your DVDs produced and there are two methods, DVD duplication and DVD replication.

DVD duplication just copies your discs in the same way that you would on your PC, they are burnt with a laser and you can produce glossy labels by laser printing. Most companies stipulate a minimum of 50 DVDs and this is a great way to produce small numbers of DVDs. Fewer than 2000 would make duplication the most economical and can be done quickly -- usually in a day or two. You can even produce them on your own PC as and when you need them if you have a DVD writer.

However, if you are looking to produce vast numbers of DVDs, you need to look at DVD replication, which involves the production of a glass master. You can produce a five color silk screen printing label or full-color offset litho printing straight onto the disc. If you have more than 2000 DVDs to produce, replication will provide far better value for money. Remember though that replication takes longer -- sometimes 10 days or more.

If you are using a professional company to copy your DVD's, you will get high-quality artwork and also professional looking packaging such as wallets or DVD boxes. The whole thing can be done online and your DVDs can be delivered to you through the mail.