Our Services & Events

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Here at David Anderson Online we help and assist our clients to either expand their current business, or to start their new business and develop customers and make money the right way by capitalizing on the knowledge we have built up in many different arenas and markets over the past 15 years. We do this in 6 main ways:

One on One consulting:-  Individual clients will engage us on either a straight fee, or a fee based on agreed results to identify and solve a specific problem.  The client may have already identified the problem on his or her own, or with our assistance following one of the Events described below.

Group Classrooms:- These are small Events of around 15 to 20 individuals looking for a solution or training in a specific subject. It could be promoting online marketing, web design, media tools, SEO, product development, copywriting for sales letters, websites and adverts, increasing profits, maximizing your inventory, establishing new markets, reducing costs, lead generation, closing the sale, business startups, etc. These classrooms are market-led and usually established by needs of our online customers.

Business Health Awareness:- These Events are bigger, usually around 100 + and are free to attend. We often ask for a donation to a local Children’s charity from attendees if they have found the event helpful. We cover a number of general subjects that can help local business. These Events are totally interactive, and we take time out with everyone in a friendly, relaxed environment and are open to all Q+A’s. We use these Events to establish what the main needs are of the local businesses. We never try to sell our services at any of our Events; these are all about the customer’s needs.

Intensive Classrooms:- These Events are for groups of 5 to 10 (including guests) and are usually on a specific subject and include full consultation follow-up service. For example, an Event might be for businesses that are losing their market and have declining sales. The one-day, intensive classroom would identify their main problem, and explain what they could do to improve their situation. This would be followed by a review of their total business and help implementing the new strategies.

Online Internet Consulting:- This is where our client can find our advice and help for free via the David Anderson Online website, or can become an executive member so they can interact with us via the website, use and access all the online facilities and learn from our webcasts, podcasts, webinars, training videos and online courses. This is an important part of the business as it enables us to help a wider spread of clients across the world at their own pace, and for them to meet and learn from us online to help them get their own business started or expanded without having to commit a large expense in either time or money.

Entrepreneurs Success Group:-

This is an exclusive private invitation success group run by David Anderson. If you have an existing business and you would David to help you double your sales or profits over the next 12 months, then you would be well advised to join the "Entrepreneurs Success Group", this truly is the Inner Circle. Joining the Success Group will revolutionize your existing business with simple cost effective techniques will put you on target to double your sales or profits in the next 12 months.

Every month you will receive special materials from me totally dedicated to giving you everything you need to double your existing business, learn how to make money online and increase your profits over the next 12 months.