Using Geo-Marketing In Your Business

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Geo-marketing is a fancy term for a simple concept -- tracking down your customers based on their location. It's also called marketing geography and some businesses actually use this method as their main strategy for promoting their business -- the financial services industry, for example uses geo-marketing research to identify their customers by analyzing the use of ATMs. GPS tracking and GSM localization technology is also being used to track customers on the move and can be used to locate cell phone users.

Geo-marketing can even target particular organizations and pick out a user’s Internet Protocol (IP) address or ISP. It can be used by Webmasters who want to deliver content which is local and advertisers and local businesses wanting to target their respective customers based on their location.

So essentially, geo marketing is used to target prospective customers in particular locations, for example if you are selling city guidebooks, you might target your prospects within a certain city -- guidebooks for New York would be marketed to prospects in the New York area.

Pay per click

One way to use geo-marketing is through pay per click adverts, where you can target your prospects primarily by location. This restricts your adverts to a certain area and is good for products which are location specific -- like our city guidebooks, for instance, or adverts for restaurants, shops and businesses in particular towns and cities.

Google Places

One way to use geo-marketing is to place adverts using Google Places. Google Places shows your advert every time a customer searches for a particular location using Google Maps and there are advanced functions and sponsored links which you can use to enhance your advertising.


With Facebook advertising, you can target your market very precisely to within a few miles of a particular location. You can also target specific places within that location such as a place of work or a University. Social media advertising is becoming more and more sophisticated as time goes on and this precise targeting, including geo-marketing, in the future will be even more defined.


Craigslist is a global marketing platform with numerous subsections that can be used for geo-marketing. You can target countries and towns within Craigslist as well as defining the various categories of products and services on offer. For example, if you wanted to sell your New York City guidebooks, you could easily target your market using Craigslist.

Geo-targeting software

Software is available to help you target your customers based on location. You can also automate your content using geo-targeting software.

This software can:

Determine where customers are located
Track IP addresses, credit card information and so on to determine a customer's location
Use digital maps to locate internet users
Select individual customers within certain locations
Deliver different web content depending on the visitor's location