Establish your credibility

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You have to remember that the people arriving at your web site have probably never heard of you.  So before trying to sell your visitors anything, you need to establish your credibility so that readers feel comfortable enough to buy your product or service.

One of the best ways to do this is to list your accomplishments, qualifications, and experience -- as long as they are all related to the product or service you offer.

However, you can't just go on and on about your own success or credentials.  Once you have established a problem you need to...

Explain why you can relate to this problem so your readers know you really are able to relate to them

Explain why you're qualified to solve this problem

On the next page you will find an example of how Adrian establishes his credibility by describing how he faces the same problem his target audience is currently facing:

Adrian’s Credibility Text

My name is Adrian, better known in “natural bodybuilder” circles as the ‘muscle nerd’.

I, like many of you, have spent most of my life looking for that ‘magic bullet’ that would allow me to finally achieve the mountains of muscle that have escaped me for so long.

Unfortunately, at 6’ 2” tall and 148 lbs (soaking wet) I was told that I simply didn't have the ‘ genetics’ needed to achieve the size I was looking for!

But being

‘genetically average’

wasn't going to stop ME!

I followed all of the basics I had learnt from every muscle mag I could find.  I ate mountains of protein, popped every mass gaining supplement I could spend my hard earned money on, and listen to every locker room  ‘expert’ who offered advice... but NOTHING WORKED!

Then I discovered the COLD HARD TRUTH about why I simply couldn't put on any significant muscle mass.  And here it is...

This text introduces Adrian -- giving the sales letter a personal tone -- and allows the readers to identify with him.

Another excellent way to build your credibility is through testimonials from satisfied customers.  As soon as you start receiving testimonials, put them on your sales letter -- as high as possible.

Your credibility will be rock solid if you can explain to your readers why you're qualified to offer a solution to their problem, then back it up with testimonials from satisfied customers.

But while you need to establish your credibility right near the beginning of your sales letter, be sure you don't blather on and on about yourself for too long... because people will get bored and stop reading!

Instead, give them enough reasons to trust you at least to encourage them to read what you have to say... and then pile on the testimonials in your letter or in other areas of your web site.

Tell a story

What's the best way to get readers interested, make them curious, AND get them to relate to you, while getting your sales message across?

By telling a story...

Of course, your story has to relate to the product or service that is the subject of your sales letter!  Tell the story of how you came to find and create your product, or why you decided to develop your service.

Talk about how you tried using it and liked it so much, you decided to make a business out of it!  Relate the story of the person who came to you for help, and after assisting him, you realised how many people need a solution to this problem...

Whatever the circumstances of your particular business, you can create a compelling story out of the events that led to writing your sales letter.  Of course, your story has to be true!  Don't create something for the sake of making your sales letter more interesting; tell the real story behind your offer.

Did a customer tell you how badly this product is needed?

Did you get a great deal from a manufacturer that allowed you to sell it cheaper than ever before?

Do you have to liquidate your stock because you're moving, or your garage burned down, or you ran out of storage space?

In Adrian's sales letter, the story is an inspiring personal tale that the readers can relate to... showing them that they are not alone in the problem they are facing, and how it is possible for them to take matters into their own hands and find a solution.

In her sales letter Rachel tells us about her daily attempts at making bath salts from recipes she found on the Internet.  She soon discovered that the instructions that came with the recipes were terrible, so she decided to do some homework and develop her own.

Every sales letter you create should include the story of how you came to be making the offer at hand.  By telling the story to your readers, you can:

#1 Help readers relate to you

#2    Get readers to understand why you are offering that particular promotion -- for example, why you are offering a discount, or why you created a new product.

#3    Make the sales letter fun to read rather than ‘salesy’.

Telling a story that relates to your offer is one of the best techniques there is to making your sales letter sound, interesting and compelling.