Find New Customers Fast

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Developing your business, building your list of customers and getting your name known can be a long process -- it takes time, effort and dedication to go through all the traditional strategies like networking, social media marketing, direct mail and so on. You will get there eventually but there are a few quick ways to find new customers and one of the fastest ways is to use a method known as host beneficiary marketing which basically allows you to piggyback on the success of established businesses that have a similar target market to your own.

A more established company should have a larger share of the business and the idea is for you to promote yourself to their database in order to get instant access to a large number of qualified prospects. An added benefit is that your host business is effectively endorsing your products and you can trade on their good name and on their customer loyalty.

Some host businesses will present your special offer or product as a gift which can earn them lots of good will. For example, a start-up business selling hiking gear might team up with a more established business selling camping equipment. The new business offers a pair of hiking boots for free every time someone buys a tent from the more established business. You might think this is a crazy strategy but every time a customer buys a tent, they are sent to the new hiking gear shop to collect their boots -- they leave their details and are added to the opt in list and many will spend more in the shop on other products, so the new business can actually make a profit. This example is from a traditional high street business, but it could equally be applied to online businesses.

Imagine you have a free book that you could offer to a large, established list of highly targeted customers -- the book would cost nothing apart from the time you spent writing it, but you have the opportunity to present your work and your business to possibly thousands of potential customers. The main thing you have to remember is to include lots of links to your other products and services and to your website and give readers clear contact details letting them know how they can find you.

You can offer these sorts of downloadable products as free bonuses and gifts to other people's lists, or you could offer them at a very low price when the main product is pricey, for example spend over $200 on a personal development course and get a book on health and well-being for just $5.

So how do you go about setting up a host-beneficiary deal? There are a few simple tips to follow that can increase your chances of success…

Define your market

For this strategy to work you have to have a very precisely targeted audience -- you need to create a very detailed profile of your customers so that you can target potential hosts. Include all the details you can possibly find such as age range, gender, income bracket, specific interests and so on -- the more relevant detail the better.

Search for businesses that serve these customers

Once you have a good idea of who your customers are, you can also find host businesses that serve the same markets. For example, the hiking gear shop might share a group of customers that enjoy walking holidays, maybe they are anglers or are affiliated with conservation groups, they may also drive 4x4 cars or be interested in outdoor sports.

Your potential customers could also come from noncommercial organizations, so think of groups such as angling clubs, walking clubs and so on that also hold lists of members.

Decide on your offer

Once you have identified a few potential host partners, you need to present them with an offer. It should be a quality product with a high perceived value that actually costs you very little and could be heavily discounted, or even free. For example a new outdoor pursuits business offered a voucher for two hours free sea kayaking to a large established outdoor gear company, a newly qualified hypnotherapist offered a free one-hour session of weight loss hypnotherapy to a well-established weight loss clinic. See what sort of offer you could come up with that will be perceived as a high-value product or service.

Once you have decided on your offer, you should pitch it to your chosen host business. Make sure you emphasize that it is a great way for them to reward their loyal customers at no expense to them and a way to bring back old customers and attract new ones for little or no effort. Once you have their agreement in principle, you should put it in writing to seal the deal and put together your leaflets and posters ready for launch day.

Decide how you will convert redeemers to customers

What you don't want is to give away a valuable product with no long-term benefits to you. At the very least, you will be promoting your business for very little cost but to make the most of this method you should try to lure voucher redeemers to become future customers with some further offers and don't forget to get them to opt in to your list. It's a great strategy to get new customers fast without the challenges of searching for them using the traditional methods.