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I do quite a bit of outsourcing with my business because it leaves me free to concentrate on developing new ideas and new products

Why spend hours on jobs that someone else can do for you for a reasonable rate? Well, talking a reasonable rates, I want to share with you a great resource where you can get services for just $5!  Incredible but true!  For $5 you can get specific jobs done, whether it be writing, programming, graphics work, research or a whole host of other jobs.  I'm talking about a website called where people offer their services for just $5.

-        I will design covers for cd/dvd/books for $5

-        I will give you a slogan for your business for $5

-        I will hold you Accountable & will Motivate you for 30 days to help you reach a Goal you've set for $5

-        I will remove the background from an image for $5

-        I will tell 24,000+ facebook friends about your page / group for $5

-        I will be your virtual assistant for one hour for $5

-        I will write 5 comments with SEO backlinks to your site for $5

-        I will fix your web page HTML / CSS code for $5

-        I will transcribe an audio file for $5

-        I will send a postcard with your choice of wording and genre from Hawaii to any location for $5

-        I will write 5 tweets about you to my over 16,000 Followers for $5

You might not think you could get much for five dollars but I'm constantly amazed at how much people are willing to do for such a small price.  Here are some recent examples:

Go to the site and you will find plenty of other jobs are available for just $5.  You will have to register but then you can search for what you want or browse offers by category.  There is also a feedback rating

for each seller.  When you find a service you want -- called a gig on the site -- you pay your $5 fee via PayPal.  The seller then accepts and delivers the work -- it couldn't be simpler! This site is great for those odd jobs you've been putting off, but it could also lead to a more permanent arrangement where someone will work regularly for you -- say getting links for your website or promoting your business on Facebook or Twitter.