Free Marketing

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Paid advertising can become a black hole for your money and it can be difficult to monitor what is and isn't working before you've spent thousands on a marketing campaign that may not effectively reach your potential customers. The best way to market your business is to start with all the free and cheap methods of marketing, and there are plenty of strategies you can try, many of which can actually be more effective than paid advertising. Here are a few online and offline methods of marketing on the cheap.


Newspapers and magazines, online and printed versions are always on the lookout for newsworthy stories, so see if you can find an angle with which you can promote your products or services. Newspapers always love human interest stories, so if you can find a story that includes something interesting about the people in your business, or your customers, then so much the better.

Don't forget an editorial should not be a platform for pushing your sales message; it is a method of raising awareness of your business and pointing people in the right direction. You should make sure people can find you without shamelessly pitching your offer. People become irritated with this, so avoid it if you want to connect with your readers.

Article marketing

More and more on the Internet, websites need to provide quality content to be recognized by the search engines and achieve high ranking. There are plenty of web site owners that would rather use free articles for their content than make the effort to produce something themselves, so there is a growing demand for free syndicate articles. If you can write quality articles, you can promote your business and develop a reputation as an expert in your field. Only submit articles to quality sites and again, avoid pushy sales copy and aim to provide useful information which will ultimately help readers to find you.


Regular newsletters are a way to give your readers information and a reason to stay connected to you. Put some effort into your newsletter, so that people look forward to and trust what you have to say. Make your newsletter different and provide useful content -- once you have your readers hooked, you can make occasional relevant offers and look forward to a high conversion rate. It's all about developing rapport and a relationship of trust with your customers and subscribers.

Offer a free downloadable product

A good way to get your marketing message around is to offer something for free that can be passed around, such as a digital book, report, video or audio. Within your freebie, you should have links back to your website for further information or a compelling offer and this is a tried and tested way to get your marketing message across.

Find a business partner

It takes a long time and a lot of marketing to build a solid list of subscribers, so why not get a helping hand by joining forces with other companies. You need to be able to offer something of value to other business owners’ subscribers and customers in order to get them to buy your products or visit your website. Start by looking around for other businesses that offer relevant products or services that are not in direct competition with you.