Growing Your Business With A Virtual Assistant

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It's often difficult to keep on top of all the tasks that need to be done in a small business -- sometimes to the extent that small business owners spend so much time on the day-to-day running of the business that they neglect to plan and develop growth, so they end up staying too small and getting left way behind the competition.

Yet with some help with the everyday tasks, you can free your time to get creative and find ways to grow your business. Virtual employees are a growing trend, where business owner use online workers and freelancers to outsource their administration, marketing or accounting needs. Freelancers can also develop your website, write copy, do Internet marketing and so on -- in fact you can get help with practically anything at a very reasonable price.

One of the benefits of using virtual assistance and freelancers rather than employing people is that virtual assistants are able to help on a project to project basis. It is a big commitment to take on a paid employee and there are lots of problems associated with this arrangement. How do you cope when your employee goes on holiday or is off sick? Would your business be able to manage to pay someone to be on maternity leave or compassionate leave for months on end? Who does the work when they are not there? At least with a virtual employee, you avoid all these problems and they are also self-employed, which relieves you of the responsibilities and extra work of dealing with your employee's tax affairs. You can outsource a huge variety of work to freelancers and virtual assistants. Here are some examples.

Project management

You might find it useful to get virtual help as and when you need it with various projects. If you need lots of help, you can employ more than one virtual assistant and you get to use experienced people for different projects and tasks -- this ensured that you get the expertise you need, rather than having to train employees or end up with substandard work. Virtual assistants are available immediately and will negotiate a price for each project. You can also shop around for the particular skills you need.

Website development

If you don't have the skills to develop and manage your own website, virtual assistants can help you with various tasks like setting up your website, buying domain names, writing copy, submitting your website to search engines and various directories, and doing the crucial task of search engine optimization which is vital if you want your business to be successful online. Website development is an important task as most businesses have an Internet presence -- having a website is probably essential these days and even if you don't do business online, you must have a site where prospective customers can go for information about your business, your contact details and so on.


You can also outsource a lot of your marketing work to freelancers and virtual assistants. For example, you can get people to do telephone marketing, Internet marketing, designing and distributing leaflets, writing brochures and almost anything else. If you don't have time to keep up with your marketing, then put together a detailed plan and see what tasks you can outsource. Marketing is vital to any business and this is something you cannot afford to neglect.

Virtual assistants are a valuable resource and whatever type of business you own, from a general store, an online business or an office of some kind, you can probably get all the help you need and free your time for developing new markets, new products and generally growing your business.