How to Grow Your Business – 6 Listbuilding Tips

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I want to give you some tips for growing your list. Your customer list is extremely valuable and is a key component in your long-term success. It's far easier, cheaper and more effective to sell more to your existing customers than it is to be continually chasing new business.

It has also been shown that while social media can be a good way to contact your followers and subscribers, e-mail is still the most widely used form of communication, used by 93 percent of consumers. E-mail is central to your business but for e-mail marketing to be effective, you have to have a reasonably large list.

So how can you grow your list?

Well firstly, don't buy a list -- your list must be grown organically by getting opt in subscribers and offering value. In order to grow your list, you need to get lots of traffic to your website and get people to voluntarily sign up so that you have permission to contact them in future. I will be giving you lots of advice on getting traffic to your site as we go through the course, but here are a few tips to get people to sign up so you can grow your list.

1. Give people a reason to sign up

Unless you have a jawdroppingly amazing website that induces people to sign up on the spot -- you have to give your visitors a compelling reason to fill in that opt in form. It's all very well getting them to sign up for your weekly newsletter, but with the sheer bulk of e-mail that people get every day, it's no longer the top reason for people to subscribe. Free reports, free digital products and so on can be a better inducement as well as the promise of special offers for subscribers. You can throw in a newsletter as well, but my guess is you will have more success if you offer a freebie in return for their contact details.

You can create some professional looking 3-D graphics in just a few minutes with Boxshot Software ( This is great for advertising digital products for your freebies.

2. Make your signup form visible everywhere

Make sure your visitors can't possibly miss your signup form. It should be placed in a prominent place on your site, preferably above the fold (the part of your site that people see before they scroll down). The top right-hand corner seems to be a popular and effective place for opt in forms.

Make sure you have an opt in form on every page of your website and create a signup form on your Facebook page. It's easy to do and there are a few companies that are worth checking out: Woolbox (, ShortStack (, and Wildfire ( are just a few companies that produce custom apps for Facebook opt in forms.

3. Keep it short

One sure way to irritate your potential subscribers is to have a long complicated form which asks far too many unnecessary questions. People will abandon them partway through or not even bother to start if they see a long list of required fields they have to fill in. Keep it simple so they can fill it out in a few seconds. First name and e-mail is all you really need and you will get far more subscribers if you keep it short and sweet and nonintrusive. You can always get more information further down the line when you have developed some rapport and trust with your subscribers.

4. Persuade with testimonials

People will be more likely to sign up if they can see that others are willing to recommend your business. Have plenty of positive testimonials near your opt in form and don't forget to have those social share buttons everywhere as well so that people can share with their friends with one click.

5. Use a landing page

Some reports show that conversion rates increase by 50 percent when you use a specific landing page for people to sign up. I’m not sure how true that is but it can be much more effective than sending them to your home page. Here you can really focus on getting your visitors to sign up, rather than diverting their attention with other content on your website. It's straightforward and quick to create a landing page if you use Optimize Press (

Use your social media platform to send people to your landing page and get them to share the link. Probably the best social media networks are Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and the rapidly growing Google+, although there are plenty of others out there.

Wisestamp ( is a free tool that allows you to add an image and social media links to your e-mails and is well worth a look. Use this as your e-mail signature and include a link to your landing page.

6. Thank your subscribers

It’s simply good manners to create an automated e-mail that thanks your new subscribers for signing up. Make it welcoming and remind them about what they will be getting. Not only is it good manners but it's another chance to offer them something else -- a low-priced product or paid subscription. Aweber ( is a popular auto responder service where you can set this up.