Top 10 Most Influential CEOs

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When you talk about power, influence, and achievements, you think about high-ranking profiles and officials. Perhaps, CEOs of the biggest and wealthiest companies in the world enter your mind and you can’t help but consider them geniuses. Why? With their brilliance, creativity, attitude, and confidence, there is no wonder why they make a specific organization successful.

The Best among the Best: Top 10 Most Influential CEOs

  1. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook never misses the list. At 26, there are no words to give him justice when it comes to defining how successful the Facebook founder is.
  1. Andrew Mason of Groupon sure knows how to create a massive explosion and simply become one of the fastest growing companies. It has reached the billion dollar valuation mark for a short period of time and at present; it continues to expect more revenues in its financial portfolio.
  1. Matt Mullenweg of WordPress is the person that you should thank for having the opportunity to blog. For the record, WordPress is regarded as the most widely-used platforms in the world of blogging. With WordPress, getting your thoughts published is as easy as 1, 2, 3.
  1. Warren Buffett is simply described as the world’s most successful investor in the entire universe. Pardon the exaggeration but Warren Buffett doesn’t have to prove anything anymore. As the chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, one of the largest multinational holding companies, he still portrays and practices modesty and frugality. And when it comes to charitable causes, Warren Buffett is the man.
  1. Laura Lang is Time Inc.’s newest CEO. She is now in charge in leading the company to be on the spotlight. The CEO has to face the challenge of increasing Time’s revenues which dramatically took a huge drop of up to 30%.
  1. David Carp of Tumblr proves that you can turn your savings into millions if you take a serious job in the software industry. With Tumblr’s massive success, an Alexa ranking, and 2.6 billion posts, the company will continue to earn more profits, rain or shine.
  1. Fujio Mitarai of Canon has been running the camera giant for quite some time now. When Canon is experiencing a decline in its sales and fortunes, Mitarai took a brave course and didn’t put the company in a stable position but as a frontliner in manufacturing cameras. His influence was even extended in the political domain as he pushed the Japanese government to revamp the country’s tax system and social security. On his words: Mitarai simply wanted to execute an action that will "eliminate” his own concerns when he becomes old.
  1. Wale Tinubu is the CEO and the Managing Director of Oando Plc. Oando Plc is a Nigerian Oil and Gas giant and when Tinubu took it over, he became known as “The King of African Oil.” With his influence and power, Tinubu admits that he is indeed an ambitious businessman who had a humble beginning owning only a leaky used oil tanker when he started. How is that for a scratchy start?
  1.  Lakshmi Mittal is the CEO of ArcelorMittfal which is the largest steelmaking company in the entire world. And when it comes to acquiring properties, Mittal is unstoppable as he owns a number of highest-paid homes in the world. Plus, his unmatched support to his country, India, makes him even more likeable. And he sure knows where to put his money when he invested millions of Euros to build UK’tallest sculpture: the Olympic Park Tower.
  1. Tim Cook of Apple took over after the resignation of Steve Jobs. Replacing an equally powerful and influential Steve Jobs is no easy task but Tim Cook managed. He may not have the quality of charisma his predecessor had, but he sure has a penchant in working as hard as he can.

There is no question that running a massive business empire and corporation can’t be done by just anybody. You have to prove a lot and become outstanding before you get hired as a CEO.

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