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In part one, I showed you some of the basics of creating wealth, but there are so many tips to share with you, I could write a whole book on the subject of creating wealth! In part one, I told you something about how your mindset and behaviour can stand in the way of you making that fortune you dream of and here are some more ideas and concepts to consider when it comes to creating and keeping wealth...

Have fun along the way

Some people spend their whole lives in pursuit of money and spend every waking moment devising strategies to make money and agonising on what to do with it when they’ve got it -- but they never stop to have fun.  There's no point in having oodles of money if you never stop long enough to enjoy it along the way...

You're never too old to start getting wealthy

Many people think that it takes years to accumulate wealth and we're always being advised to start a pension plan early if we want it to be worth anything when we retire.  But people can become wealthy pretty quickly -- and I'm not talking about winning the lottery!

While there's not really such a thing as the proverbial get-rich-quick-scheme, with the right idea, a carefully constructed plan and the enthusiasm and motivation to put it into action with effort and perseverance, you can become rich fairly quickly.  Stick with me and I can help you get there...

The difference between price and value

What we pay for something and what it means to us are two very different things.  In fact, the most valuable things of all are priceless!

Something is only worth what somebody is willing to pay for it.  Think about something subjective like a work of art.  The price tag could be £2,000 but it's only worth that much if somebody is prepared to pay that much for it -- the price tag says nothing about its true value.  I know a lady who owns a beaten up old car that she'd have to pay someone to take away, yet it is worth the world to her because it represents freedom and independence -- its value is way beyond its price.

The concept of this difference between price and value is important to consider if you aspire to be wealthy.  Discover what it is that's valuable to you regardless of its price -- you might be in for a few surprises. This little bit of knowledge could form the basis of a fantastically lucrative product or business.

Money is not always the solution

If you believe, as many people do, that if only you could make a wad of cash, then all your problems would be solved!  But money is not always the solution.  In fact, money can sometimes be the cause of problems in your life.  There are plenty of lottery winners who end up miserable because they've left their family and friends behind and plenty of rich people who spend most of their time worrying about losing it all...

Money can't buy you true friends or turn you into a better person -- you have to earn those things by nurturing your relationships and developing your character.  Money might be able to buy you better health-insurance but it won't prevent you getting sick, and money can buy you good quality food, but it won't make you slim.  People who associate with you just because you're rich are fair weather friends, not real friends.  In fact, there are plenty of rich people who are in poor health, overweight, lonely and unhappy to prove that!  Conversely, there are plenty of poor people who are perfectly happy and content with their lives. Don't believe that money alone can buy you happiness...

The trick is to use money as a way to oil the wheels of your life so that it runs more smoothly -- not as the solution to all your problems.  Money really can make your life a great deal more comfortable, but it can't buy you love, health or happiness.  Remember that and you can keep money in its proper perspective while you are striving for wealth and a better quality of life.

Finally, don't spend all your life in pursuit of money to the detriment of everything else -- you need to have balance in your life and time to nurture relationships with the people that matter to you. You also need to pursue other worthwhile aspirations before it is too late.  My advice is simply to do the things you love and often the money will follow.

Get the basics right

I've talked a lot about the psychological aspects of wealth creation and how your attitude and behaviour can often get in the way, but there is one very important thing you can do today to set you on the right road to wealth -- spend less than you earn!

Pretty obvious really, but just think how many people have ‘afluenza’! They live on credit and spend way beyond their means -- mostly on non-essential material goods. These people have no hope of becoming wealthy because they are giving away all their potential wealth in interest payments to banks and financial institutions.  It's daft to borrow money unless it is absolutely crucial, not least because it's so expensive!

Develop something unique

Finally, if you can cultivate a specialised skill, a USP or a product or service that is unique and in demand, then you are practically guaranteed to make money!  Once you can do something or make something that other people want, but can't do or get for themselves, they will pay you handsomely for it.

We all have something we can do that is unique or different -- what is your special something that could make you wealthy?