Emergency Cash Generators

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Mystery shopping

Thousands of ordinary people in the UK get paid to go do free shopping, eating out in a restaurant or drink in a pub as mystery shoppers. Fees per visit vary between companies, but are usually between about £6.00 and £20.00. Well worth looking into and you get what you buy for free! Contacts include:

highstreetcentral.com mysteryshopagency.com

Become a house-sitter

You could get paid over £200 per week and have your food provided when you housesit for someone whilst they are away on holiday or business. You may have to look after pets and the security of the house but it’s a great way to earn some cash. You could advertise your services locally or in magazines such as ‘The Lady’ (available in newsagents) or join a housesitting agency. Some agencies such as Housecarers offer housesitting assignments abroad… a great way to get a free holiday! Contacts include:


Become an affiliate

If you don’t have a product to sell, why not sell products for other people as an affiliate? It’s a popular way to sell, particularly over the Internet. Every time you sell a product for someone, you receive a commission – some products such as eBooks can attract up to 75%. Many of the big companies such as Amazon offer affiliate schemes and it’s a great way to earn money. Contacts include:


Start an odd job service

There is a huge market for an odd jobs service. Many qualified trades people have enough lucrative skilled work that they haven’t the time or inclination to take on small jobs, yet people are busy with such hectic schedules these days and the last thing anyone wants to do on the weekend, after a long week at work is to tackle a list of ‘things to do’.

There is also a market amongst the elderly and infirm and you are offering a valuable service to people who are unable to undertake odd jobs for themselves. It would be advisable for you to have a police check/disclosure carried out so that you can show you are not about to make off with the family jewels. Also collect references and testimonials from customers to show you are trustworthy and able to work to a high standard. It all helps build your good reputation and encourages customers to recommend you to others. The sorts of services you could offer are:

-        Housework

-        Ironing

-        Window cleaning

-        Shopping

-        Preparing food

-        Weeding the garden

-        Lawn cutting/hedge trimming

-        Straightforward interior decorating

-        Rubbish removal

-        Collecting and delivering things

-        Walk or bath the dog

-        Babysitting

-        Watering plants

Try advertising locally with leaflets in shop windows, local newsagents, Post Offices, doctor’s surgeries, launderettes, dry cleaners and anywhere there is a customer notice board. Try a leaflet drop to homes, offices, shops and factories and approach places like hotels, guest houses, residential homes for the elderly and the disabled – they may be a source of regular work.

Sell books on Amazon Marketplace

An easy way to generate some cash is to sell second hand books on Amazon Marketplace.

Even if you list novels for 1p each, you can make a bit on the postage and packing – but most books in good condition will sell at a reasonable price of a few pounds. You can pick up books for free at the end of sales at local schools, societies and churches, when they’ll be glad to get them off their hands. It’s Internet based, so you can fit it in around the rest of your life.

Offer a reliable service and you’ll create good feedback, which encourages customers to buy again from you. Register with Amazon:

Amazon.co.uk and click on ‘Marketplace’ on the left hand side.

Become a treasure hunter

Metal detecting can be a very lucrative hobby! You never know what’s under the sand, the sea, the soil or even beneath your own garden! Many treasure hunters use metal detectors for:

Coin shooting: Looking for coins - best after a big events like football matches or rock concerts or even after a busy Saturday at the beach. You can also try historical sites to look for old coins and treasures.

Prospecting: In other words, looking for precious metals such as gold and silver.

Relic hunting: Similar to coin shooting but relic hunters look for any type of historical artefact. Beach combing and treasure hunting. Looking for lost jewellery and coins on the beach.