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Running retreats

Doesn’t everyone dream of escaping once in a while? The pressures of everyday life can get a bit much sometimes and who wouldn’t relish the opportunity to get away from it all in beautiful country surroundings and be spoilt and pampered for a while...

How about running retreats for stressed out souls in need of a bit of TLC while making a nice wad of money for yourself at the same time (that’s a real stress buster in itself!). You don’t need much money up front and you can also enjoy a bit of time out for yourself.

What retreat?

The first thing you need to do is decide on the type of retreat you want to run. Don’t worry about having the skills or knowledge to offer treatments, advice or instruction yourself – you will be outsourcing much of this to others with the right skills. You could do a pampering, relaxing weekend with lots of quiet time, massage treatments, yoga and meditation or a more upbeat retreat which focuses on losing weight and exercising with perhaps a detox programme. You could offer stress busting holidays with stress management classes, stress relieving treatments and healthy lifestyle advice on offer.

Other retreats could include weekends where you learn a new skill or indulge in a favourite hobby. How about wildlife photography holidays, or pottery classes; maybe some painting and drawing courses or even business courses or writing courses. Draw up a plan of how it will all work with a timetable of activities. Aim for a fairly full schedule with a few hours of personal time for everyone every day.

Finding a property

Now, once you decide on the sort of retreats you want to offer, you should set about finding the perfect property for your retreat – and what better than a self-catering holiday home – maybe a large country cottage, a manor house, even a lighthouse or a castle! There is a mind-boggling variety and choice of self catering holiday homes available and they are just an Internet search away. Find something that suits the type of retreat you are offering. Once you have a shortlist, set about contacting the owners to check if they are amenable to your business idea. I would have thought most would be and the properties with the most gaps in availability will surely welcome those extra bookings.

Outsourcing skills

Once you have a plan for your retreat and a property lined up with some dates, look for people who can help you deliver treatments, workshops and courses. There are plenty of therapists who would jump at the chance to be involved in something like this, so it shouldn’t take you long to organise a group of people. You could pay them for the hours they work or take about 15% of the revenue they generate from their treatments. Then all you have to do is advertise your retreat and make it all happen! You could make several thousand £/$ in a few days.