How to Sell With Free Bonus Items

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Creating a blockbuster package that any customer will clearly see exceeds the value of what they've been asked to pay, can easily double or triple your sales.

When you pile on so much value; the customer can hardly believe that they're getting everything in your package at such a reasonable price.

The easiest way to do this is by creating a package of bonuses that, combined with the value of the product itself, is perceived to be worth much more than a price they've been asked to pay -- so the customer will feel that they're getting much more value for money.

When you're deciding what to offer as a free bonus, your options are almost limitless.  However, there are two basic rules that you should follow:

Rule 1:

Make sure that your bonus is of value to your target market.

Rule 2:

Choose something that is related to your product or service, or something that will enhance your product or service in some way.

Here are some bonuses that you could create to ‘plump up’ your offer:

1.  Consider writing an e-book on a topic that is related to your product or service.  For example, if you sell gourmet puppy food, you might consider writing an e-book entitled, ‘Training Secrets That Will Have Every Puppy Housebroken And Learning Basic Obedience In Less Than One Week!’

2. Offer special videos that complement your product or service.  For example, if you sell fly-fishing gear, you might offer a video that teaches people the intricacies of fly fishing.

3. Use your newsletter subscription as a bonus, especially if your newsletter provides powerful information your customer couldn't get without purchasing your product.

4. Offer a bonus product that complements your product.  For example, if you sell football shirts, you could offer customers a cap with the same team logo on it as a bonus.

These are a few things, however, that you should definitely NOT include as bonus items:

You should never offer a coupon for, say 20% off their next order.  This is not a free bonus!  It means your customer needs to spend more money in order to receive benefits, and they may be more inclined to resent the offer than appreciate it.

And don't offer any old item that people might be interested in, unless it specifically relates to your product or service.  If you're selling puppy food that means you should NOT offer a musical clock or a Backpacker's Guide to Borneo, or anything that puppy owners will not be interested in! In this case, you should offer a puppy training e-book or free puppy toys -- something that the vast majority of your target audience will want.

We recommend that if at all possible, you offer information products as bonus items.

The advantage to offering information products is that once you've taken the time to write them and compile them, they cost you nothing to produce or deliver!

For example, if you're selling cleaning products on the Internet, you might include a free bonus article entitled, "Get Your Bathroom Sparkling With Half The Cleaners In Half The Time!"

This will not only help to dramatically increase the perceived value of your offer, but it will also satisfy the demands of impulse buyers, as the bonus articles can be delivered electronically within minutes of their purchase.

In most cases making your product itself a ‘limited-time offer’ is a bad idea.  People see right through this and your credibility will be destroyed.  But a limited-time bonus offer is a great way to persuade the readers to buy today.

Create urgency and encourage immediate sales

Okay, so your readers are compelled by your copy... they are intrigued by your benefits... they've been drawn through your sales copy and are almost ready to make a buying decision.

By this point -- if you haven’t instilled a sense of urgency in the reader, far too many of them will simply think: "Hmmmm. This is interesting.  Maybe I’ll come back and check it out later."

... unless of course, you give them a reason why they absolutely MUST buy right away!

By creating a sense of urgency, you can prompt readers to take immediate action and go through with their purchase.  This is a guaranteed way to add a significant boost to your bottom line!

You can create urgency in a number of different ways:

1.  Limited time for which your offer is available -- "Available for the next FIVE DAYS ONLY!"

2.  Limit the quantity of products or services you can offer -- "Available only to the first 250 people to order!"

3. Include a discount for a limited time or a limited quantity of products.

4.  Include bonus items for a limited time or on a limited quantity of products.

The fact is, if you don't create a sense of urgency in your sales copy, you will be losing sales that could have been yours.

Of course, if you limit the time for which your offer is available or limit the quantity of items being sold... you have to actually stick to these limitations!  Otherwise, your customers won’t believe you when you create the special offers.  So do regular promotions and change your offer from time to time to ensure that you are creating an urgent offer that prompts customers to buy now!

And don’t forget that many people are irritated by constant sales… and are not moved to action to ‘buy now’ because there’s always the next sale!