Make Money With CPA

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CPA stands for ‘cost per action’ lead generation and can be a very effective way to make money, particularly as it is still quite new and a lot of people haven't jumped on to it yet. Rather than be paid for each click such as with standard affiliate marketing, you are paid per action. An action can be a sale, but it could also be the act of someone signing up with their e-mail address, applying for a loan or filling out a form for more information, for example.

If you want to make money with CPA, you have to generate a lot of leads for companies willing to pay for certain actions by prospects -- such as signing up to their newsletter, completing surveys, or providing information. You get paid for every action a visitor takes after they land on your site or landing page. The great thing about this CPA network is that you don't have to sell anything and it is growing in popularity as a way to make money.

CPA networks

CPA networks are basically the middlemen between you and the advertisers who are offering promotions.  The networks set you up with affiliate links that enable you to get paid for every click-through to the advertiser’s landing page.

If you are new to CPA marketing, you may find it difficult to get your application accepted by the main CPA networks.  However, if you work your application carefully, you can avoid looking like a newcomer and will be more likely to be accepted.

Basically, you have to make it look as if you know what you’re talking about!  Advertisers and CPA networks are looking for experienced marketers that can drive a lot of traffic through their site, which obviously increases the chances of a response to a particular promotion.  Even without your own website, you can make yourself look like something of an expert by creating an affiliate blog.  There are a couple of websites that will let you create a blog but WordPress is probably one of the best. .

Once you have created your blog, write a few posts about CPA marketing, affiliate marketing and anything that makes you look as if you have experience with Internet marketing.

Try to get into the major CPA networks if you possibly can, as this will give you a head start and is your best chance of making good money with CPA marketing.  You may also be assigned a CPA affiliate manager who can help you set up your affiliate URLs, drive traffic to the network and support you with your business.

Research the market and choose your promotions

One major question you need to ask yourself is whether you want to go for the mass market or a small niche market.  Generating leads for either has its specific challenges and much may depend on your experience as an Internet marketer.  Do you already market products to a targeted audience?  Could you tap into this to generate leads for other advertisers?

When you choose CPA offers, one of the main things is to make sure that there is a huge demand for it, otherwise there is little hope of generating enough leads to make a respectable amount of money.  You should be looking at products with a mass-market appeal, and topics that are popular at the moment.  Think about what sort of subjects should you concentrate on, and what areas have wide appeal? You could choose from a quintessential list of subjects that are known to appeal to large numbers of people.

Subjects such as:

Business and making money
Personal development
Dieting and weight loss
Computers and the internet
Emotional issues such as fear and phobias
General entertainment and celebrities

Just make sure that your promotion appeals to a wide variety of prospective customers if you want to generate as many leads as possible.

Marketing for CPA networks

You should treat CPA marketing much as you would any other Internet marketing. As well as ensuring you have a demand for the promotions you choose, you need to work on getting your keywords right as this is fundamental to your success.  Any Internet marketing depends on using popular keywords and CPA marketing is no different.  Prospects will not know that you exist unless they can find you via a keyword search, or you are able to approach them directly via opt in lists, viral e-mail marketing and so on.  Keywords then are a vital part of your marketing strategy.

Finally, you need to be able to monitor the success of every part of your marketing campaign and this means you have to continually test and tweak all the various aspects -- such as your use of keywords, your general marketing strategies, your website design and content as well as your choice of promotions.