Making Money

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Did you realize that we all have the potential to earn large amounts of money and often the only thing that is holding you back is your own attitude and your frame of mind about money. Money itself is simply a tool, it doesn't discriminate or care about who you are or what background you came from -- we all have the ability to make as much money as we desire if we are prepared to put in the commitment to changing a few important elements in our mind-set.


Your attitude makes all the difference to whether or not you will become wealthy. There is nothing special about wealthy people particularly; they are not super-intelligent or particularly lucky but they all have one thing in common -- their attitude to money. Wealthy people don't have hang-ups about whether money is good or bad and they believe wholeheartedly that they can be rich and are prepared to work hard at achieving wealth.

If you have beliefs about money that are holding you back, then you will never be rich until you challenge your beliefs. Perhaps you were brought up to believe that money is evil or that you don't believe you deserve to be rich. Perhaps you believe that it is somehow bad to be wealthy and that you weren't meant to be rich. Perhaps you are concerned that you will lose your friends if you suddenly come into money. Yet all these beliefs are simply in your head -- they have no fact based in reality. Sometimes you have to do some hard work on your personal development in order to create a wealth attracting attitude.

The main thing to remember is that you are in complete control of your thoughts about money and you can choose to continue to hold on to your limiting beliefs and stay just as you are -- or you can work on your beliefs and your attitude to money and start attracting the wealth that you deserve.

Understand why you want money

It's important to define what money means to you and what your personal definition of being wealthy looks like. Vague notions will not do -- you need to decide exactly why you want more money and exactly how much would make a difference to your life. Without this personal definition, it is very difficult to plan how you are going to make your money, or to know when you have made enough.

Most people want money to bring particular benefits such as freedom from the rat race and from being a wage slave, an easier lifestyle, a nice house, a better car, luxury holidays and a  million other things -- but ultimately we want money to bring us happiness. Decide how having more money will benefit you, how much you want and keep a list as an inspiration to keep you motivated. One day, you will be able to look back at your list and see how you made progress towards making your dream of being wealthy a reality.

Putting in the effort

Most people have to work for their money; only a small minority inherit a fortune or win the lottery jackpot, and yet most people are not prepared to put in the effort that it takes to create wealth. Anyone can make money but not everyone is prepared to do the necessary groundwork. For instance, you will never be able to make money if you always spend above your means -- do a financial audit and assess where you are now and how you can clear off any debts and start to live within your means. Wealthy people also save money as a priority and only spend what is left. Get the basics right and you will gradually become more wealthy anyway, whatever your plans for making money in the future.

Plan ahead

A plan is essential to building your wealth. You need to decide how you are going to make money and how much. Will you get a promotion with your job, change jobs, get a second job, start a business or invest in property or the stock market? There are lots of ways of making money but a solid plan and achievable goals are the first step to making your financial dreams a reality.

If you dream of making millions, you need to consider whether it's possible to achieve this in your current job or business because some routes to wealth hold far too many limitations. For example, if you are in a job where you earn a set amount per hour with no possibility of any more, you are unlikely to get any further ahead than you are now unless you are in a position to save every penny you earn. However, if you start a business where you are able to create multiple income streams -- especially of passive or residual income -- then you have the means of bringing in the wealth you desire.

Basically, to make substantial amounts of money, you have to develop the right positive mental attitude, become a saver not a spender, have a suitable gateway for creating money (such as a business) and be prepared to put in the necessary effort. Once you are on the road to making money, there will undoubtedly be many varied opportunities to make even more -- who knows you may even win the lottery after all!