Tweak and Test

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The thing about the Domino Effect is that one action can make a huge difference. A slight tap on the first domino and it can create a cascade along the line. In terms of your business success, that cascade could have far-reaching effects...

Tweak One Thing at a Time and Test

In order to monitor the effects of the changes you make, you should tweak one thing at a time and test and analyze the results. If you change too many things at once, you will not know what it was that made the difference, if any. You have to experiment...

Remember that even small changes can have a huge impact in terms of click through rates, numbers of new subscriptions, conversion to sales and the success of your viral marketing campaigns. Try tweaking and changing the following aspects of your website and marketing materials one by one:


Headlines can make a huge difference to the response you get from prospective customers. Headlines can be startling, provocative, emotional, and shocking. Above all, they must compel your reader to keep reading...

Headlines should encompass the very top benefit for your potential customer and be informative about what your product has to offer. Headlines should also be succinct and punchy. Use a combination of upper and lower case letters and choose a font and color that is easy to read.

Start by making a list of as many headlines as you can dream up. Keep your list as an ongoing file that you continually add to and update. Pick out a few potential winners and try them out on your friends. Use the best ones on your website, in your brochures and emails and monitor the results of each one.

Sales Copy

You can be forever tweaking your sales copy and trying to improve it, so work on one aspect at a time and monitor the results. For example, you could try cutting out unnecessary words making every word count, and make sure you do not overwrite. People do not have time to read a lot of irrelevant stuff just for the sake of it.

Also, try to make your copy more personal by using the word “you” more often and adopting a friendly tone. Write as if you were talking to a good friend and let them in on a few “secrets” along the way.

Give your readers a chance to warm up to you. Again, test your changes and monitor the results.

Try adding in a few “case histories” that illustrate the benefits of your product. Add some pictures for extra effect. Again, test and monitor the results.

Try a shorter sales copy with links for further information. Then try longer sales copy. The best way to get your sales copy right is to try to emulate successful marketers. Analyze their sales copies and apply the formula to your own marketing materials. This is a never-ending task and anyone who is successful is continually tweaking and improving their sales copy!


Write lots of different emails and try them out on selected sections of your list. You do not want to irritate or annoy the same batch of people with a series of only slightly different messages! Try them out on people you know first then test them and monitor the results. It is incredible how small changes can make such a huge difference to your response rate.

Try humorous emails and add a joke or a one-liner. Try a cute email with the awwwhh factor or try adding pictures or graphics.

Vary the length of your emails. Ideally they should be short, punchy and to the point, but you may get a response with a slightly longer email, depending on your target audience and their level of interest in your products.

Vary your subject line. Try incomplete sentences, asking a question or making a statement, anything that will get your email opened and read. The best thing you can do is to keep writing new subject lines. Keep a file going and add to it whenever you can think of something new. The more you have to choose from, the better your chances are of finding something that works.

The main thing is to keep tweaking, keep testing, and keep monitoring.


Color is a very personal thing and not everyone will respond to your colors. However, if your business has a brand that relies on color, you may not have much leeway to change your color scheme. There will be plenty of scope to change font colors, borders, headline colors, background colors and so on within a particular color scheme. Have a play around and see what improvements you can make, then test and monitor the results.

Subscription Box

There are many different designs you could use of your subscription or opt-in box. The main thing is that it is simple and easy-to-use. You can play around with the design and position of your subscription box on your webpage. Try adding a few more, making them bigger, changing the colors, altering the border and so on. Once again, test and monitor the results.


You can try altering the layout of your website, sales letter, brochure, emails and other marketing material. Look at various types of website for inspiration and try to emulate the design features you think are effective. The key ingredient is ease of use. Your visitors should be able to navigate around your site intuitively. Do not make them think too hard about how to place an order or they might just go elsewhere!


You should have an exciting offer, but again there is always room for improvement! Think of ways you can make your offer even better:

Could you include more bonuses?
Better bonuses?
A worthwhile freebie?
Money-off vouchers or anything new that adds value to your product?

There is a lot of competition out there, so you have to constantly strive to be the best. Make sure you have a clear USP and that you spell it out to your prospects. Do not be afraid to demonstrate all the benefits your product has to offer. Customers evaluate products from the viewpoint of WIIFM, so keep tweaking your offer, testing, and monitoring the results.

Call to Action

Have you asked your prospects to place an order? Do not be shy about stating your call to action. It is a vital part of your sales copy. You have to be clear and firm when it comes to asking for the order. Try making your call to action bigger and bolder or repeating it throughout the latter part of your sales copy. Change the wording, add a distinctive “click here” button and make sure your instructions are plain and easy to follow. Try different variations and test and monitor the results.


The price of any product will depend on what the market is willing to pay. It is best to start out with a higher price on your product and offer discounts and special offers than it is to start with a price that is too low.

For one thing, you have to sell your product at the lowest price you have advertised it for. That will restrict how much you can tweak your original price. You can, however, hold a sale for a specified length of time, offer special bonuses, and so on. Brick and mortar shops do this all the time.

Another thing is that it is better to start out with a high price that is discounted because it implies a higher perceived worth for your product. For example, let your prospective customers believe that your product is worth $150 and that you are letting them have it for half the price, for a limited time.

Have a search around to see the sort of prices that other marketers are charging for similar products. Do not assume that they are successfully selling at these prices.  You at least want to make sure that the price you are charging for your product is appropriate for the marketplace. Again you should tweak, test, and monitor the results.

Payment methods

If you only offer PayPal as a method of payment you should look at offering other methods such as credit cards, checks and money orders. Giving your customers more choice can only be a good thing.


Make sure you have a solid guarantee and that you are prepared to honor it. If you offer a money back guarantee with no questions asked, that is exactly what you should do. Just because the customer did not like the product does not necessarily mean they will not buy from you again. If you honor your guarantee without a fuss, you are building trust and respect in your customers, and that is always a good thing.


What bonuses or freebies are you offering? Could you offer something better or more worthwhile? If you do not have products of your own, could you work with JV partners to offer a really great bonus? People seem to expect these add-on extras these days, so make sure they are top-quality products in their own right. Try tweaking your bonus offers and see what happens...


Whatever type of advertising you currently do, there is nearly always room for improvement, whether you use viral marketing, Google AdWords, or a classified ad in the local paper.

Keep trying different designs, use different words and combinations of words, varying lengths of copy, different graphics and pictures as well as different types of advertising… etc. You can also try your advertisements in different types of publications and different media. Try a video clip on YouTube or an advertisement on the radio. The tweaking testing and monitoring of advertising should be a never-ending process...

Direct Marketing

Are you currently using direct marketing? If not, it might be worth a try. You might think that direct marketing is out of fashion these days, but it can be an effective way of driving traffic to your site.

It does not have to be expensive and you do not have to use elaborate marketing materials. A simple postcard is a great way to get people to visit your site. Play around with the design and the copy that will get people intrigued enough to want further information.

Use Your Thank You Page

You can use a “Thank You Page” as a way to build a relationship and keep in touch with your customers. Of course, you can also introduce further offers!  Offer something special for buyers of your latest product and catch them with a credit card at the ready.  This could be a good time for those “One-Time Only” offers, or “Member’s Only” offers.

Just be sure that you do not irritate your new customers with too many offers. Sometimes it is better just to say thank you, and leave it at that. There will be plenty of time in the future to get them buying again...

Finally, thank you for reading, I wish you luck and great fortune in your endeavors.

If you want to download the whole “Domino Effect Book” you will find in the “Books” section of this website.