You Can Do It!

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If you are new to business, or even if you have been running your own business for a while, you can sometimes be paralyzed by fear and unable to take your business forward.

If you have been used to the security of a paid job, it can feel like a huge step to start a business and many people repress their ambitions and keep plodding on with what they know. Sometimes experienced business people find it hard to pick themselves up after a failure and find it hard to regroup and move on. All this is due to fear and it is surprisingly common -- yet often, fears are unfounded and are more perceived than real. So what sort of fear could you come up against as an entrepreneur, and how could you overcome your fears and throw yourself back into building your business?

Fear of failure

The fear of failure can be very disabling, especially during challenging economic times when so many businesses really are failing -- this is especially true if your family’s income depends on your success. We are all very well aware that new businesses have a very high risk of failure, with some 95 percent of all new businesses likely to fail within the first year or so

Fear of failure is not just confined to business but everyone can suffer from it in their everyday lives. However, entrepreneurs have a particular fear and can end up worrying about an endless number of reasons why they might fail such as getting sued, no sales, losing established customers, becoming ill and unable to work, losing their stock, websites crashing -- and the list goes on…

Nevertheless, people generally tend to worry unnecessarily about things that haven't yet happened and if you believe in the law of attraction then worrying constantly will simply cause all these perceived events to manifest themselves in reality! Fear is simply a mental state and can be turned around with a little effort.

Start by thinking positively -- every time you have a negative thought, turn it into a positive and you will begin to see possibilities instead of constant doom and gloom. You will start to see how you can turn problems into opportunities and when you have perfected this, you will understand how anything that happens to you, whether good or bad -- you will be able to handle perfectly. Fear causes us to get stuck and unable to move forward but what is the worst that could happen if you fail? How likely is this to happen? Try to get things into perspective.

Fear of success

You would think it would be unusual for entrepreneurs to be afraid of success but it can be very real fear for some. Success can take over your whole life if you let it, leaving no time for other interests, family and friends. People believe that success involves working night and day with no time to yourself and there is that common image of the stressed businessman working so hard he gives himself a stomach ulcer.

However, you also have control over your business and there is no need for success to be an all-consuming beast that takes over your life. You can pace yourself if you choose to and if your business is successful, you have the option of delegating much of the day-to-day work -- something a paid employee will never have the luxury of doing. Effective planning can help you achieve balance in your life, so the fear of success can be managed if you challenge your beliefs on what success actually means to you.

Fear and uncertainty

Uncertainty is another common fear for all of us -- nobody really knows what the future will bring. Some new entrepreneurs can feel very insecure if they have given up the relative stability of a traditional job with a regular pay check and there is the uncertainty of how you will deal with all the various aspects of being your own boss. It can be a big step to take but actually, most people who choose to become self-employed are glad they did because the benefits of being your own boss definitely outweigh the fear of uncertainty, not to mention being stuck in a job you hate.

One way to deal with uncertainty is to do plenty of research before you take the plunge and be sure that what you are planning is right you. Also make sure you do enough planning, both for your business and your life in general as a solid plan can provide a roadmap for your future and help you to stay on track when you are feeling insecure.

Dealing with fear and moving forward

If you stay stuck and paralyzed with fear, you will almost guarantee failure because businesses need to move forward and take risks occasionally in order to be successful. To get over fear, you have to maintain belief in your business ideas and self-belief that you are capable of achievement. Just keep reminding yourself of how much you have already achieved and realize that the biggest limitation you have is your own thoughts. Change your thoughts and you can change your life.

Keep yourself motivated to stay on track by listing all the reasons you want to run a business such as having control over your lifestyle, the potential to earn what you are worth and the satisfaction of creating something unique.

Talk to others for support and find people who can give you some positive suggestions for your business. Make sure you have a detailed business plan along with a practical action plan that can help you take your business forward with more confidence.

Make sure you take time off from your business to enjoy family life and pursue hobbies and interests. It's always good to distance yourself from your business every now and again as it helps you to keep your eye on the horizon.