Tips For Your Online Business

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The goal for any online business is to get traffic to your website and really, it can be seen as a matter of statistics -- the more visitors to your site, the greater the chance that someone will buy your products and services. For example, if one in every 50 of your visitors becomes a paying customer then your conversion rate is 2 percent. You need a lot of visitors coming to your site to make a substantial number of sales and all online businesses aim to increase this ratio, in other words turning website visitors into paying customers.

A lot of businesses get desperate for more traffic to their site and try all manner of tactics to increase their traffic -- many business owners will pay for traffic to their site but the reality is that this method rarely increases your conversion rate, even though you may have a huge spike in the number of visitors on your site. The trick is to get targeted traffic in the form of real people who are actually interested in what you have to offer. It is better to get 20 people to your site that are interested in buying your products than 1000 visitors with no interest whatsoever because your conversion rate will be much higher if you go for qualified traffic.

So what can you do to improve your conversion rate? There are several mistakes that many online business owners make and you can definitely improve your conversion rate by considering the following:

Avoid unnecessary adverts

Many websites are cluttered with Google Adsense adverts, annoying pop-up ads and affiliates and while there is nothing wrong with them in principle, they should be used in moderation -- in fact not at all is even better. The problem is with all this unnecessary advertising is that it will cheapen your website and can make you look desperate. A quality website will not need all this superfluous advertising.

Another important reason to avoid having other people's adverts on your site is that if your visitors click on the adverts they are diverting their attention from your own products and you risk losing a sale. Keep your visitors focused on your products if you want to improve your conversion rates.

Watch your prices

While it is tempting to try to maximize your profit margins on each sale, try to avoid putting your prices too high as this really puts people off. Let's say you have an information product for sale at $47 and a visitor comes to your site and likes your sales pitch and is practically on the point of buying but then sees the price is way too high. He knows that he can go on Amazon and find a similar book on Kindle for 99 cents with around 10 percent of the book’s contents available to read as a free sample. Do you think someone would really pay $46 more for your product? It would have to be exceptionally good indeed. The trouble is that there is so much competition these days and it is so easy for people just to click around the Internet and find a better deal that you simply have to be realistic with your prices. Gone are the days where you could charge tens of dollars for a business manual. Like many other products, prices are being driven down by fierce competition.

Keep your website simple

Another common problem is that small business owners have unnecessarily complicated websites with too many pages and too many links which takes the visitor off at a tangent. If you want to increase your conversion rate, you have to keep your prospects focused on your product -- take them through your sales copy in a logical focused order which leads them to make a buying decision. Make them concentrate on this process rather than distract them with too many graphics or links. Keep your fonts and colors clean and easy to read. Avoid too many different colors and stick to one plain font that is easy to read. If you market to a global audience, this is particularly important.

Get your SEO right

In order to increase your targeted traffic, you need to concentrate on optimizing your website for the organic search engine listings as this is the best way to get qualified visitors to your site because they have actively searched for something you have to offer.

First make sure your site is registered with the search engines then pay very close attention to your keywords and spend time researching website development and SEO methods as this will increase your traffic over time. Although getting your SEO right is critical, you do have to do show some patience, especially through your first year as it takes months to get your website established in the search engine listings.