Viral Marketing

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Using articles and eBooks

Viral Marketing is a very powerful way to drive traffic to your business. Think of it this way:

If you saw a movie that just absolutely caught you up - you absolutely loved it - you will probably tell your friends and family about the movie, they may see the movie, feel the same way and they tell other family and friends, and so on.  This word of mouth advertising always has been the best way to promote your business.

Now consider articles and eBooks.  Creating a quality article or book is crucial if you want it to be read. Do your research thoroughly and aim to give helpful, valuable information throughout as well as providing links that will be of service to your readers and guide them to making important choices.  Always keep in mind that the only one thing readers want from you is, "What's in it for me", "How will this improve my life", etc.  So be sure you can deliver what they are expecting – to have information that will help them solve a problem.

If your Article is chock full of helpful, valuable information, the folks that read it will pass this information on to others. One really great way to achieve this is to make sure you have a statement in your article to say that your readers may share the article or book with others and may give it away to others at absolutely no cost.

There are various ways that you can create an eBook or article that is worthy of your readers.  You can look for private label content articles known as PLRs.   You can also hire a ghost writer, and even use free articles from directories if you don’t have the time or inclination to write it yourself.


PLRs are articles/eBooks where you are given the right to change the content, rewrite, put your name on the article and so on. This is known as branding and you can resell them, give them away, in fact you can do what you want with them.

Ghost Writers:

I'm sure you've heard this term in the literary world.  It’s where an author might hire someone to come in to write for them or assist in writing.  You can find writers who bid for work on sites such as People Per Hour: and Freelance Writers:

Free articles

Another way to get content for your articles or eBooks is to use free articles from the various article directory sites. It’s a fast, easy way to get content but there is the risk that other people will also have the same content. Not only can you use free articles to fill up your website, newsletter or eBook but you can also submit your own original articles for others to use and distribute. One of the conditions of using articles from a directory is that you keep in the writer’s acknowledgement and the links, so wherever your articles go – your links should go with them. Just search for ‘article directories’ or ‘free articles’ and you will find plenty to choose from!

Once you have created your Article/eBook it's time to consider JV Giveaways!

What are JV Giveaways?

These are sites that people set up and invite marketers to join in on a massive giveaway of their digital materials.  You join the JV before the giveaway begins and put your article up for approval to giveaway.

When you first go to these sites, you will see the time and dates the Giveaway will run – usually a week or two.  Always Read Their Requirements. Sometimes they will only accept certain types of digital material - i.e. graphics only.  That means if your article is about marketing, you will not be approved.

Once you have found a JV, that is suitable for your book, and you have submitted it for approval, be sure to grab their promotional banners and letters and start promoting.  Some of these sites will expect you to actively promote and will drop you if you don't.  Others give points if you advertise.

When you are preparing an article or book for a giveaway campaign, make sure all your URLS, links, thank you letters and follow up letters are properly placed in your autoresponder and that everything is working smoothly. There is nothing more frustrating than discovering your links do not work and you have lost valuable potential customers.

So there you are – just a few ways you can get your message out to lots of prospects using articles and eBooks. Well worth a try!