When To Use Short Copy in Online Marketing?

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If long copy works so well, why would you ever want to use short copy? Well there are a few circumstances in which short copy just makes more sense.  For example if you have a catalogue style site that offers a wide variety of products that fall into a number of different categories, a long sales letter just won't work for you.

And you can't have a 10-page letter for each and every product -- partly because you’d be writing for the next five years and partly because it would drive your customers round the bend!

You'd never see a site like Amazon.com writing lengthy sales letters for each one of its products -- that would just be ridiculous.  But this does not mean that catalogue sales sites do not need sales copy.

The fact is, even if the long sales letter won't work for your web site, you still need to find a way to take your visitors through the exact same sales process that they'd go through with a long sales letter.

That means you still need to grab their attention at least enough to explore your site further. You need to find a way to establish your credibility, create a sense of trust, and build a rapport with your potential customers so that they feel comfortable buying from you.  You need to clearly state all the different benefits of your products and services.

You need to take your visitors by the hand and lead them smoothly through your sales process... and you need to do it all with only a small amount of copy.  This can be far more difficult than using long sales letters for single products -- but you can still make it work.

When a visitor comes to a catalogue style site, they frequently realize that they are expected to buy something.  This will make some people leave right away.  However, the ones that are left are your best potential customers -- so you need to use your copy to convince them that your products or services are worth purchasing.

Often, this means you will have to include short copy on your homepage that is strong enough to entice your visitors to click through to individual product pages or your online shop, where they will find more copy.

The important thing to realize is that whatever kind of site you have, you are going to need to place a lot of emphasis on your sales copy.

Your sales copy is going to be the most important element of your sales process.  It will be the main part of your homepage and a crucial communication tool that replaces one-to-one interaction with your potential customers.

Your sales copy is your best salesperson -- and in most cases, it's your only salesperson when you are running an online business.

The fact is that no matter how glitzy and glamorous your site, or how funky and attractive your graphics, you won't sell very much without good copy.  Even if you have the greatest product on Earth, your visitors will never know it unless you can present them with an offer using compelling, credible sales copy to convince them of the value of your product.

It is crucial to the success of your business that you don’t make the all too common mistake of simply slapping up carelessly thought out ramblings... boring statistics... and related information... or nothing at all... and then wondering why you're not generating sales!

Spinning graphics and cool logos ultimately will not sell your product or service.  Your sales copy will.  Well written, compelling sales copy is truly one of the most important factors in determining the success or failure of your online business.