Search Engine Marketing Tips

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When customers find you through a search engine, they are usually more advanced along the buying phase and may be ready to buy -- at least they have shown they are interested because they have put in your keywords. By developing your search engine marketing strategies, you can really capitalize on these customers who are close to buying something -- so how do you go about it?

Develop your website

These days, you need a top-notch website with quality content -- it's not good enough to have a sloppy single page site anymore. People are looking for experts and they are looking for the best they can find, so you need to work on your content, making sure you have something relevant and unique to say. Pay attention to your graphics and photographs, making sure they are relevant and high-quality and that they tell a story in their own right. Is your site easy on the eye with background and font colors compatible and easy to read? Check your site navigation and make sure all your links work -- there is nothing worse than a buyer who wants to purchase your product but can't get the link to take them to the payment page!

Work on your keywords

Keywords are crucial when it comes to SEO and you want keywords that are relevant and highly targeted. Avoid the most popular and the most expensive keywords and go for more targeted and less expensive words that are more likely to result in sales. Don't forget that it's one thing to get traffic to your site by paying for popular keywords, but it's quite another, much harder task to get people to buy what you have to offer. For example, the keyword, ‘gym equipment’ can be better targeted by using ‘rowing machine’ instead and even more tightly targeted by using ‘rowing machine with calorie counter’. By focusing on your keywords you attract more highly qualified visitors to your site and your marketing costs are kept to a minimum. Use keyword search tools to help you find the best keywords for your products and services.

Once you have established the best keywords for your business, you should incorporate them into your website copy and also make sure they are embedded in its source code as this will improve your site’s Google quality score.

Also include your keywords in any marketing materials and adverts you use and try to create landing pages specifically for your keywords rather than direct visitors to your homepage as this can help customers find what they are looking for.

Keep testing

Honing your search engine marketing is a continuing process which needs constant tracking and analyzing and testing of various keywords, phrases or copy. You need to compare various keywords and choose the ones which generate not only the most clicks but the most sales conversions and these can be very different.