Advertising on Twitter

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Media networking is a growing trend and small businesses are missing a fantastic opportunity if they don't get involved. Up to now, Facebook seems to have dominated the market but there are a couple of other sites to watch out for – Google is now getting in on social media networking and Twitter is growing by the day. Facebook has been offering pay per click advertising for a while now but Twitter has also started offering advertising on their site. Here's how you can get your ads out there on Twitter.
Promoted tweets

A promoted to tweet can help you target your prospective customers based on location and search terms as well as timelines. Promoted tweets appear to users while they search for their interest in the Twitter search engine – your promoted tweets appear at the top of the results page.

Promoted tweets in timelines amplify your message to your user’s timeline and appear near the top of their timeline when they login or refresh their homepage. You can target your followers or users like your followers.

You can also target your message to a specific geography at the country or regional level and this can be effective for locally based businesses.

These promoted tweets are priced on a cost-per-engagement basis, so you only pay for your advert when someone retweets it, replies to, clicks or favorites your promoted tweet. Additionally, impressions on retweets are free and enable you to really extend the reach of your campaign.

Good, interesting tweets which are relevant are rewarded and those tweets that engage and resonate with users appear more frequently.
Promoted trends

Promoted trends allow you to drive conversations and interest in your products or services, grabbing user’s attention. Conversations on Twitter can become viral and reflect the hot topics of the day -- these trends are featured prominently next to a user’s timeline. Promoted trends can get huge exposure and give users something to participate in and share with other users.
Promoted accounts

You can use a promoted account to scale up a follower base and expand your online presence. Getting followers on Twitter is a great way to get interest and influence for your brand. The promoted account is featured in search results and within the group to follow section – this is Twitter’s account recommendation engine, which identifies and promotes similar accounts and followers.

As you might expect, Twitter offers analytics to advertisers to provide in-depth insight into paid and unpaid activity on Twitter. You get a dashboard for your promoted tweets, trends and accounts with details of retweets, clicks, replies and follows as they happen.
Your Twitter users decide

The thing about most of the social media marketing is that your followers will decide how good you are. This is no different on Twitter but it is even faster. If your promoted tweets are ignored, Twitter will simply go on to the next advertiser who has reserved the same keyword and this happens very quickly on Twitter, so you have to really focus and work on it.

Have a look around Twitter and see who is advertising and how they are doing it before you get involved yourself. Pick up some tips from the bigger companies and see how their promoted tweets are cycled. Also see how they are engaging other Twitter users and which promoted tweets stay the longest. At the moment, it tends to be the larger companies that are using Twitter advertising but before long, it will be open to smaller businesses as well, so it is well worth keeping an eye on if you are into social media marketing.