Grow your business using Twitter

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Twitter is a Social Networking site where you can meet new people and drive valuable traffic to your sites and businesses.  Originally social networking sites were places for people to congregate and share their personal lives. Times have changed and these social networking sites have become an essential player in the success of businesses across the internet. Knowing and utilizing a place like Twitter is a very powerful and necessary resource.  Using Twitter the "wrong" way will lead to failure in your chosen business niche.  Using Twitter the "right" way can get you many great prospects and grow your business.

How does this work on Twitter?

When you sign up to Twitter the first and foremost thing you must keep in mind is that you are there to make friends and personal contacts, not promoting your business. Look around and find groups that are of interest to you, or subjects where you have knowledge and skills.   You will quickly discover others with the same mindset as yourself, and others that will find your experience and knowledge of interest. However, never start off by promoting your business.  This is one of the biggest mistakes that people make when they are starting out. If you do this you will most definitely drive people away.

People tend to trust people that are sincere, natural and not "needy".  What I mean is that if you are constantly pushing your business, you will come across as begging!  Professionals on Twitter will see right through you and others will consider you a pest!  When you show confidence and sincerity, people will be curious and will start asking you questions. When they do, you can share and they will not feel put upon.

Twitter techniques

There are many techniques that drive valuable traffic to your business via Twitter.  By using links to your blogs, You Tube videos or articles you have written, will build credibility and respect.  This is also a great way to get recognized by Google and other search engines.

Let's say you have a blog on Affiliate Marketing:  someone you are following on Twitter has left a link to his or her blog and you realize their niche is very similar to yours.  Go to their blog, read their latest post and comment!  You will be leaving a link to your blog and this is called back-linking.  Very important step in optimizing your business, plus the owner of that blog might very well visit your blog and bring traffic to you.

Read other posts on Twitter; you might find videos or articles on various aspects that you are not strong on but would like to learn more about.  By learning new things, you will grow personally and professionally. Social Media Marketing does not have to be a nightmare and it's not difficult to understand or implement.  Just follow common courtesy, honesty, respect of others and be yourself.  You will find others quickly warming up to and taking an interest in your business.  They now trust you!