Podcasting Can Boost Your Business

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If you haven't got into podcasting yet, you may be missing an opportunity to increase your business success. Podcasting allows you to record your own radio program, bringing you fame and fortune -- well at the very least it's a good way of promoting your business.

Podcasting is big news now and there are an estimated 40 million podcast listeners in the USA alone, so there are plenty of people that might be interested in what you have to say.

What can you do with a podcast?

You can broadcast yourself – as a sort of animated blog, you can interview celebrities, promote new music bands, introduce new comedy acts, serialize an audio book or just use it as a way to chat with your listeners or answer questions about your products and services. Podcasting is a very versatile medium and over time you could become something of an online personality with a weekly show that people look forward to.

You might use it for all sorts of subjects -- perhaps a technology news show where you can discuss and showcase new gadgets, or a ‘what’s on’ review for your town or city. You could become a movie critic or discuss all sorts of topics such as sport or self-help issues. You could become an online interviewer, interviewing famous or important people in your industry. You could interview authors of books and magazines and you should have no shortage of people willing to promote their books and products on your podcast.

It's just like having your own radio show -- you can do whatever you like with it and it will bring you greater recognition and hopefully more kudos in your industry. You should be able to earn more money, not just by attracting more visitors and followers but you could gain sponsorship and earn money from download fees.

Animate your blog

One great way to use a podcast is to make your blog come alive. You can publish your podcast on your website or blog and add another dimension to communication with your customers. Podcasting is a fun way to get your message across.

How to create a podcast

Podcasting can be easy, but most people find it pretty confusing. It is also a challenge to get your sound levels right, create a compatible RSS feed and find suitable music and sound effects. You also have to consider promoting your podcast through podcast directories and other means if you want to attract listeners and podcast subscribers.

However there are some good podcasting kits available that will help you to create a great sounding podcast in minutes with just a PC and a basic microphone, so podcasting can be easy and fun, even for a novice. A podcasting kit can also help you to handle the technical side of creating a podcast and advise you on how to get listed on the biggest and the best podcast directories. A good one can be found at: http://www.thepodcastingkit.com/podcasting/

A podcast can be an excellent way to reach your audience but it does take some commitment and a lot of planning before you get started. Learn all you can about podcasting and you could be on your way to creating your own popular show.