The Best Ways To Twitter

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Over the last couple of years there has been a big song and dance about what’s going on with the different social networking sites. While Orkut was the first one to be immensely popular, the crazy fans of Facebook have forced Orkut in to the back a back seat, with Facebook getting favored by many people, and now we have Facebook the movie as well!

But what about the much hyped Twitter? If you don’t know how to Twitter, then you don’t need to worry. It’s pretty easy to get started so I will try my best to help tell you how to go about it with a brief, simple explanation to start with!

Twitter is an online service which helps you to send short messages to groups and friends. Just visit and sign up for free to get started. When you use your real name as the username and upload a snap of yours, it is the best way to make sure that your friends recognize you. Your friends and followers will increase and twitter like other social networking sites, is about connecting people.

When you are using Twitter, it is very important that you maintain your level of communication by sending regular tweets. Tweets are the short twitter messages that you to send to your followers. To do so, go to your twitter web page, enter a message in the entry window at the top of the page. Now in order to ensure that you can stay connected to your friends, acquaintances and colleagues, you should take the initiative of adding new people.

For instance…go to a friend or colleagues’ twitter page and click the ‘add’ link in the ‘Action’ box. In order to find a particular user page, make a good use of the search box that is displayed on your Twitter page. If the account of your friend is set in such a way that any Twitter user can see the updates and information of his account, then you too can see it. But if your friend has a private account, not accessible by any user, then you send him a ‘friend’ request. Once it is accepted, you can follow all his updates and the details of his profile. You can also check the followers that your friend has as well….and you can add them as your friends too.

Now, if you already have your own website you can add the “add me to your friends” button to your page. This means that any of your website visitors or customers can click the button and become instant “friends” ready to receive any of your twitter messages.

Once you have registered and know how to Twitter, you can hook up your mobile phone and instant messenger account to make twittering even easier.

So, get yourself on to and start building your customer list!

Wish you all the very best.