Using A Chat Room To Increase Business

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There are lots of ways of increasing your business that will appeal to both your loyal customers and new visitors to your site. With a little time and effort you can take your income to the next level and create a higher stream of income. Adding a chat room to your website can be a very effective strategy to make your website sticky and encourage repeat visitors as well as make your site more dynamic and appeal to new visitors. Consider the following…

Adding a chat room to your website

With the amazing popularity of social media sites, why not consider adding a chat room that will allow your visitors to communicate with one another on a personal level. This works especially well if you run a portal type website with lots of information on a given subject. A chat room allows customers to discuss the benefits of your products and can be a valuable way of obtaining testimonials to encourage new visitors to buy from you.

Chat rooms also encourage repeat visits to your website if they are interested in participating and meeting others with similar interests -- your website could become a great Internet hangout.

Another good reason to add a chat room is that you will learn a great deal about your visitors from the conversations they have with each other -- this is great for market research purposes and can help you develop and diversify your business to offer products that truly solve problems and fill gaps in the market.

If you join in with discussions with your visitors, you will also become part of your own online community and can present yourself as an expert by answering questions and discussing issues directly. This will give your business an amazing boost of credibility and could lead to all sorts of new developments and opportunities.

How about teaching an online class or developing a course that would appeal to your visitors? You could also conduct webinars and even start up a podcast once you have a sizeable number of participants in your online community and this again will contribute to the popularity and stickiness of your website.

Once your chat room is well established, you could sell advertising space to other relevant businesses to bring in an extra income stream and it is a good idea to network with other businesses to exchange ideas, leads and so on. Be on the lookout for opportunities as you could find another business that you could profitably run joint ventures with, adding another dimension again to your business.

If you can find other websites that don't use chat rooms or forums, you might be able to offer your facility for their customers to use for free -- this could be a way to tap into their customer base with the potential to increase your own list at the same time.

Another way to boost your income through a chat room is to set up a variety of relevant affiliate products that you can mention in your discussions -- this can help your visitors and also bring you in an additional income at the same time.

If you publish a newsletter, you have another great way to hold on to your visitors and chat room participants as well as give them more to chat about. Make sure you have a clear method of opting in to your list and promote all the benefits of your newsletter through your chat room.

Chat rooms can be great for attracting people to your blog since your visitors may be the type of people interested in chat and interesting snippets of information, which they can get a lot more of on your blog.

Try posting interesting and informative video clips for your chat room visitors -- you can always advertise within a video stream as a way to promote your products and it can be much more subtle than trying to market directly through your chat posts.

So chat rooms can be a good way to engage with your visitors, get them to stay around on your site and return regularly.