Deadly Sin #1: Choosing a Bad Product to Promote

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Not all products are created equal.

In fact, that is probably the driving motivation behind your decision to sell affiliate products: for the most part, you have accepted that there are plenty of high-quality products already on the market; and, if you create your own, it might not compare favorably.

Fortunately you have a great product from me, it took over six months to make and TEST to make sure the product worked properly!

But if you decide to go on and pick a product off of a list to market on Clickbank, select very carefully. Rather than haphazardly selecting the product with the highest commission, look for ones that have the highest popularity and gravity ratings. If a lot of people are buying them often, they must be better than other products for sale within that niche.

In addition to picking good products within niches, you will also want to look for good niches.

Here’s a stupid tip that will illustrate my point nonetheless:

Don’t sell garden hoses in the winter !

No one will buy. Focus on products that a lot of people want; and if their popularity just surged, now is the best time to get in the market.