Deadly Sin #3: Selling Snake Oil for a Snake Oil Salesman (re-selling dodgy products)

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This Deadly Sin is especially important to avoid if you have a list. All it takes is one erroneous product promotion and you could end up with a mass exodus from your newsletter and subscriber list. Again, don’t make this error.

I see this happen all the time, in fact a good friend of mine spent years building up a great list of over 600,000. In just six months he had totally wrecked it by selling a multitude of cheap dodgy products.

Now… bazaarly…the reason he did this was to build his list bigger by getting the owners of the dodgy products he was promoting to do a reciprocal JV to their list. Sadly only  2 out of 61 reciprocated !

Even though you may be tempted to promote the next “biggest launch,” make sure you don’t buy into just anything.

Several marketers have lamented their choices to promote the Rich Jerk’s latest offering after list members complained that his sales page was loaded profanity and sexist comments.

Don’t be one of these guys.

Make sure you carefully inspect anything before you promote it to your list. Unless you happen to be the Rich Jerk, you probably don’t want people to think you’re just that—a rich jerk.

Additionally, avoid jumping on the affiliate product bandwagon for major promotions. Instead, wait until the buzz dies down slightly; and then release a comprehensive review (something most affiliate marketers do not provide) of the product. This has a much better chance of getting sales for you; and it will also help you to maintain credibility.

Last, avoid promoting products that make outrageous and fallacious claims.

As Carl Sagan once said "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence." In most cases, these snake oil peddlers cannot provide you with any extraordinary evidence, but they do make the claims. Avoid promoting them and becoming associated with them.