Free Hosting Websites: How to Get Started

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Website hosting is found all over the Internet, whether it consists of a banner ad for a specific company or an individual recommending a specific online organization. If you’ve ever asked yourself why websites engage in this type of marketing, the answer is simple: these affiliates are paid huge commissions for every customer that is sent to the host company. Hosting affiliates can receive up to $125 per referral, but finding the referrals can be a challenge.

There are tons of websites that offer free hosting because of the profit potential that comes with it. Income is created when website owners up-sell a paid hosting service through an affiliate link. Information about how to get your free hosting website up and running is discussed below to provide you with an overview of the process.

Server Information

A server works to store information from a website and then transfer it to the Web to be viewed by Internet users. There would be no websites online if there were no servers. For this type of website, you will likely need a dedicated server, and this means that only your site or websites that you authorize to be on your server will receive hosting. The large amounts of space available provide you with opportunities to make free web hosting available.

There are a variety of servers available, and they can vary in terms of quality, number of websites hosted, and price. High quality servers like those available at Softlayer cost around $160 per month, but you can host around 16,000 free websites. Budget servers like Hivelocity may cost less than $100 per month with a one time set up fee.
The server that you choose is entirely up to you, but you will want to perform a thorough background check on any potential server company before you make a decision. Contact other website owners that utilize the server to get their opinion, and make sure that a potential server runs a CentOS operating system. Server crashes can be extremely detrimental to websites that offer free hosting services, so by finding out all you can about a company before you choose them, you will be minimizing this risk.

Domain Name

The next decision that you should make regarding your free hosting website should be the domain name. This is what you type in the address bar in the Internet to go to a website. For example, is the domain name for Google, and is the domain name for Yahoo. You should choose a name that relates to your website’s niche and is easy for both you and potential customers to remember. Since your site is intended to be for free hosting, a domain name that includes the word “host” in it will suit your site well. You can purchase a domain at a relatively low price from sites like

Free Hosting Scripts

Once your domain and server have been established, you will need to prepare the script that will power your website. There are a variety of scripts to choose from when you get to this step. Scripts by Layered Panel will manage your website easily, and this company will install the script for you. Typically, scripts like Layered Panel will cost a one time fee of approximately $260. This flat fee will also include several months of server management and website design. When selecting a hosting script, you may want to research whether or not potential options will help to block or control illegal material and spam from being downloaded to your server.

Host Tracker

Once your website has been established and is up and running, you will want to take steps to ensure that it continues to run smoothly. You may wish to connect with a free service like Host Tracker, as this service will work to notify you if problems arise with your website. This could include an alert if your website goes offline, which could potentially result in the loss of many of your customers. Sites like Host Tracker allow you to set it to check on your website in timed intervals, such as every 15 minutes. If the tracker determines that your website is offline, it can be programmed to send you a text message or email immediately.
Site Traffic

Once your website is operational, your next goal is to drive traffic to it. One way to do this is to get your site posted on free webhosting websites, and it is estimated that this strategy can get websites up to 200 customers per day. You will have to add a backlink to the directory website in order to receive a listing. Some of the top websites that offer this service are listed below:


Earning Income

One of the most important parts of the process is to determine how to convert customers into profit. Although referrals do result in significant income, another option is available through Google Adsense. You should be sure to enable Adsense on all of your websites through your script administration panel. When this occurs, each time a new customer registers for your service and builds a website, your Adsense ads will appear on their website. You can also add Adsense to the footer and header of each website.

It is recommended that if you are going to use Adsense that you begin using it right away. If you don’t choose to use it until later after you already have customers, this may cause you to lose some business, as they wills suddenly have ads on their website that weren’t there originally. Using Adsense right away will not result in any surprises for your customers.
Another popular way to make money for hosting free sites is to become an affiliate for a paid hosting site. To begin this process, it is important that you already have relationships established with possible customers. Then, you will present them with the opportunity to upgrade. Some potential reasons that a customer receiving your services for free may want to upgrade include the fact that they will have customer support, more bandwidth, and automatic and instant file backups.

There are a variety of paid hosting companies out there for which you can sign up as an affiliate. Some of these include:


Creating an Upgrade Page

In order to offer the opportunity to upgrade to your customers, you will need to offer an upgrade page. If you don’t feel confident in creating this page on your own, your script company may be able to assist you with this process. This page should include all of the necessary information about the plans for hosting, including your affiliate link so that you are able to receive the referral. Some examples of finished upgrade hosting pages are listed below: