Attract Visitors With Your Web Content

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With so much competition on the Internet these days, you have to have the edge over thousands of other good websites -- many of which will have used all possible techniques to increase their ranking in the search engines. But there is one way to out compete other websites and that is to provide useful content because this is one of the important ways that search engines will evaluate your site. Also it will make your website indispensable for your visitors and if your content changes on a regular basis, they will return time and time again for the latest installment (you could even charge them for it with a subscription part of the site). Don't forget that the reason why most people use the Internet is for information. So how do you provide content that will attract repeat visitors?
Make it relevant

This might be obvious, but you do have to have relevant content on your website. Too many sites go off at a tangent and diversify too much -- it's important to stay focused and stick to a theme, or you will lose your visitors.
Make it unique

If you want to attract visitors to your site and keep them coming back, you should make sure your content is unique. There are plenty of free articles available, but don't forget there will be other competing sites using this material, so to get the edge over your competition, you should make the effort to have unique content. Try to come up with something a little bit different than other sites to retain your visitor’s interest.
Make it content rich

A few paragraphs is not enough, you need to provide lots of information. This can be in the form of lots of articles about your chosen subject and useful tools such as calculators or conversion tables and so on. For example, if you rent a weight loss site, you can include tools for people to check their BMI or calculate calories for specific foods and you can have lots of interesting articles about various ways to lose weight.
Make it useful

Make sure your content is useful -- for example you could provide instructions on how to use your product or get the best out of it. You could also provide ongoing information that could be useful to your customers, for example if you are selling slow cookers, you could provide weekly recipes that your customers could use with their slow cooker. Try to think of an angle you could choose to provide further ongoing useful information for your customers.
Remind your visitors to come back

If you have a great website full of interesting and useful content, remind your customers to keep coming back to you with a newsletter or an e-mail with a link through to your website. Keep posting on social media sites and just keep reminding them that you are there. It has been estimated that someone needs to be exposed to your message at least seven times before they actually take action, so don't give up -- just keep reminding people you are there.
Make it market-driven

Think about the market you are selling to and what sort of interests they might have. For example if you are selling pet accessories, your market will be pet owners, so think about how you could provide useful information to pet owners. You could provide advice on training puppies or how to successfully introduce new pets into the family or information about vaccinations, feeding, breeding, healthcare and so on.
Make it product-driven

Sometimes, especially if your business appeals to other businesses (B2B), then your information should be more product-driven and applied strictly to the product. For example, if you sell laser machines, your information could relate to new developments, safety issues and new applications of the machines.
Easy to navigate

When you are providing a lot of content on your site, it's easy to get everything in a tangle and risk your visitors getting lost. It's worth planning out your site before you start and deciding which pages should be linked together from the text and which pages should have their own category heading. Decide on some main categories as a way to organize your information and provide sub-categories within the main ones. A good way to present lots of different articles is to show a heading and a short paragraph with a link to more information. The idea is to get people's interest so that they will click through and read more. This approach allows you to display lots of headings on a single page, so that your visitors don't miss articles.
Opt in forms

Make sure you have plenty of opportunities for your visitors to sign up for further information or to receive your newsletter. Once you have their information, you have their permission to contact them again and remind them about your website and your products and services.

Relevant web content is an important part of SEO and one way you can really get ahead of your competition -- make your content better and more informative than anyone else.