Beginners Traffic Classroom

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Gillingham, Dorset - 9am to 5pm, Tuesday 2nd December 2010

OK, thank you for all your emails and pushing me to present the Beginners Traffic Classroom again for the last time this year!

As you know, all Online businesses want… no need, traffic. Without traffic, we’d have no customers, and with no customers, we’d get no sales.

Traffic is our life-blood. Pure and simple

But as a beginner, I'm sure you probably get very little traffic to your website and probably are wondering exactly what went wrong. You may even get a lot of traffic but very few conversions because it isn't targeted traffic at all.

Here’s the thing though: If you to get targeted traffic you need to go about it in the correct way, other wise you will end up spending a whole load of money with search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN etc and get zero return.

This is what we are going to teach, discuss, demonstrate and explain to you on the day of the classroom. You will also be shown real case histories and past attendees success stories so that you can understand the practical, simple methodology that we have been teaching for the past five years.

Not only will you find the topics discussed and explained invaluable, but you will see that they are the cornerstones from which many of the UK's top businesses base their traffic generation efforts on.

Nothing is left out on the day, and of course , as usual I will answerer any questions you have during the day, during the breaks, during lunch and for as long as you need me after the event finishes as 5pm!

I’ll be taking you through the 8 main disciplines of targeted traffic generation from start to finish, and also on the day I’ll be selecting 5 attendees with existing websites, and use those website as live examples to demonstrate to the class some very simple actions that can increase your traffic and conversions, regardless of the type of business you are running.

I’ll also be discussing and demonstrating the negatives of increased traffic... because even the best traffic generation methods can have weaknesses, and being aware of their existence can be the difference between falling victim to them, or overcoming them.

Coffee breaks, tea breaks and biscuits will be supplied throughout the day as well as a good hot lunch prepared by our chef !

So to book your place for the 2nd of December at our event centre in Gillingham, Dorset just click the link below.

Click to Book Now!

Full details of the day and a welcome pack will be posted to you by first class post immediately after you book.

I’m looking forward to meeting you… :-)

PS:-When you leave don’t forget to take home Classroom pack that contains your workbooks and resources from the day.