How To Increase Your Sales Conversion Rate

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One way to boost your online sales is to increase targeted traffic to your website then once you have visitors to your site; you have to offer them something of value that they might be interested in buying. First you have to track down and encourage prospective customers to your site.

Getting visitors to your site

One of the first things that is fundamental to your success is to target your market very closely. To do this you have to hunt out your prospective buyers on the Internet -- decide who your potential customers are and go about tracking them down in various places such as forums, social media websites, other relevant websites and of course via primarily keywords searches that people would use to find the type of products and services that you are offering. The best way to get more targeted traffic to your website is to do work on your search engine optimization and get your keywords right so that visitors find you for themselves.

To help with keyword research, you can use tools such as to find out what is popular on the Internet at the moment and where all the visitors are going. With some careful market research and effort to get your SEO right, you should see an increase in your website visitors.

Keeping visitors on your site

Once you have more visitors to your site, you need to keep them there and grab their interest so that they will buy from you. One of the first things to do is to make sure that you polish up your offer -- make it irresistible so that no sane person could turn it down! Do you have a valuable product or service? Is your price is right? Do you have a solid guarantee? Do you have a powerful USP that can beat any of your competitors? Once you have a compelling offer, your visitors should be a lot more motivated to buy, especially if they have searched themselves for the keywords that describe your products and services.

But is a compelling offer enough to increase your conversion rate? Probably not -- because if your website is sloppy with confusing navigation, your potential customers will not feel inspired or confident enough to buy from you. You have to build trust from the first impression people get of your website.

Review your copy

Even with the most marvelous offer in the world, your visitors will feel dubious about buying from you if your website looks dreadful. Start by reviewing the general design of your website -- is it easy on the eye, with plain colors are not too cluttered? Jazzy fonts and colors and stuff jumping out at you from a website is not a good look and could put your visitors off. It's better to keep it plain and simple with a theme of co-ordinated colors and easy-to-read fonts. Make sure any illustrations and graphics are relevant and not there just for the sake of putting in a picture. Every picture must tell a story and contribute to persuading your customers to buy, so think about whether your pictures add to your credibility or describe your product in some way. Action shots of your products being used are always good.

Next, check your copy and make sure it flows nicely and addresses your visitors on a fairly personal basis, depending on the type of business you own -- some products and services are more formal than others and will require some thought as to how to address your visitors. Make sure your text is broken up with powerful and compelling headlines and subheadings as most visitors will skim through these first before they settle down to read a block of text. If the headlines don't pull them in, then you've probably lost them.

Grab their details

Never forget to include several opportunities for people to opt in to your list of subscribers. Place easy opt in boxes in strategic places -- especially on your homepage. Don't ask too many details as this is off-putting. A first name and e-mail address should be more than enough to allow you to contact them in the future and will encourage people to sign up -- long lists of required fields are a definite turn-off for any visitor, so avoid them like the plague.

Call to action

Another essential ingredient in converting visitors to buying customers is to include a very strong call to action. Don't leave your visitors wondering how they can get hold of your product and don't ask in a wishy-washy way -- just be direct and ask them to ‘buy now’ with clear instructions on how they can pay and how they will receive their product or service.