Link Building

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Link building refers to text link ads that we place on other websites. Traffic from these websites may be directed to our website through these links. Link building is time consuming and plenty of hard work. The right links can generate plenty of traffic and conversions. They can also help you improve your page ranking which is different from a search engine result ranking.

Link building is a simple yet effective online promotional activity. If done the right way it will help you increase traffic to your website and also your search engine visibility. A two way link becomes an additional resource for your website and all this comes cheap.

To gain maximum leverage with this promotional tool you will need to find appropriate websites for link building. Once you have identified the website you will need to make your link request and wait for a positive response. Well organized links to the right websites can prove very advantageous. You may need to check back periodically if your partner sites are still carrying your links.

Link building works effectively when the right kinds of websites are linked together. Let’s assume that your website is about personalized furniture collections. In that case you will be looking for websites that are connected or linked to your own business. These could be websites dealing with interior designing, other types of furniture, décor items, etc. Traffic coming to these sites can easily be in need for custom made furniture or may be tempted to look into it. Similarly visitors to your site may want to visit your partner websites. Thus these two way links prove to be beneficial to both businesses.

Link popularity makes a difference to your search engine rankings. A higher number of links pointing to your website help you increase your rankings. Just quantity will not help though. Equally important is the quality of your links.

High quality links help increase your page ranking. Search engines are getting smarter and use plenty of information other than your page information to rank you. The quality of your links is important in determining your rankings. If links from popular sites are directed towards you and vice versa, the search engine will assume that your website is also important and should be ranked higher.