More Ways To Get Traffic

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There are lots of ways to get traffic to your site and we all know that the very best way is to do a good job of your search engine optimization on your website and choose your key words very carefully. By far this is the most effective way to get free highly targeted traffic to your site -- what can be better than people actually searching for what you have to offer! However most business owners will want to find ways to further increase their traffic and here are a few more ideas to add to your arsenal of marketing strategies.

Improve your content

One of the most effective ways to get traffic to your site after improving your SEO and your key words, is to improve the content of your site. Search engines are increasingly looking for high-quality content that is relevant, so time spent rewriting your copy and making good use of your key words throughout your text is time well spent.

Why not set aside some time every week to write a new page of interesting content and articles for your website. You don't need to add it to your navigation list of main pages, but it can be accessed via links in your copy. A good quality website will do far better than a single page of sales blurb when it comes to increasing traffic and converting your visitors to paying customers.

Social media marketing

Like it or not, social media marketing is not going to go away so any savvy business owner needs to get involved with tweeting and posting on sites like Facebook. You should choose your site carefully -- for instance, if you run quite a serious and formal type of business such as an accountancy firm or a law practice, you would probably want to use sites like Linkedin as this is where you are more likely to find your particular perspective clients and it is a good way to network with others in your field of work. .

Facebook and MySpace may be a waste of time for you and in fact could be detrimental to your business. However if you in run a business that might appeal to teenagers and young adults, Facebook may be the place -- although in recent years, Facebook users are getting older.

The trick with social media marketing is to be persistent and patient. Keep tweeting and keep posting and keep extending your reach by contacting other users. The nature of social media is that it is used for social communication so be more subtle in the way you promote your business, although you can advertise on Facebook with pay per click adverts that will closely target your prospects.


Forums are a great place to find a targeted group of people who are interested in the theme of your business and it is well worth spending time seeking out relevant forums, joining and communicating with other users. As with social media marketing, you should be subtle when it comes to promoting your business. Get to know the forum and its users and work out the best ways to mention your business without being pushy or obvious.

Start a petition

There are a few good petition sites that can bring in a lot of highly targeted traffic if you can find a way to start a petition related to your business. For example, if you sell wildlife art prints, you could start up any number of petitions related to wildlife conservation issues and animal welfare. People who are passionate about these issues will sign up and can be directed to your website for further information and get introduced to your work. The other great thing about petition sites is that they are already highly ranked in the search engines and links from these to your website can only help with your SEO.