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Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...

1 Cent Facebook Clicks

It never fails to amaze me at some of the claims made out there in the “Intenet marketing” space. So, you may have heard that it’s possible to get unlimited laser targeted traffic from Facebook ...Read More
Paid Surveys for Revenue

10 Ways to Use Paid Surveys to Generate Revenue

Sometimes, generating just a modest income in addition to your current salary or revenue streams can make a huge difference at the end of the month. Because many consumers have to pay large bills, lik ...Read More
hiring staff

10 Ways to Know When to Hire More Staff

Running a small business is an exercise in patience, incredible organization, and good people skills. One of the hardest skills to learn as a small business owner is when to hire staff to help make yo ...Read More
Market Research

10 Reasons Why Market Research is Critical before Starting a Business

Market research is one of the core principles of effective business strategy. Market research helps entrepreneurs “feel out” the current market, identify niches and gaps that they can fill, learn ...Read More
Rags to Riches

Rags to Riches: Top 10 Success Stories in Business

Sometimes, the life of an entrepreneur can use a little pick-me-up. Sometimes success feels far off in the distance, and a unique and insightful story of inspiration may be just the ticket to boosting ...Read More
Money in pocket

10 Ways to Increase Monthly Revenue

What could you do with a little extra revenue each month? You’re probably thinking of a hundred different ways in which that money could be put to good use. An extra few hundred dollars each month c ...Read More
Man on Hill

Why Persistence, Belief, and Discipline Trump Education in Business

The business world is a complicated and ever-changing landscape of new ideas, new practices, and new methods of achieving success. As soon as a business concept is written down in a textbook, it becom ...Read More
Make Your Own Rules

Top 10 Reasons to Work for Yourself

Entrepreneurship is an alluring and attractive way of life that involves pursuing your own business dreams, fighting for a piece of the market, and generating wealth and prosper without hunkering bene ...Read More

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