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Here at David Anderson Online we teach our clients all the information that we try, test and use on a daily basis in our own business across the world in order to make money online and help our clients work from home. We currently have business interests and operations in USA, Canada, Europe, India and China.

Right from the go get our concept has been to assist new and existing clients to expand their current business, or to start their new business the right way by capitalizing on the knowledge we have built up in many different arenas and markets over the years. With an online presence since 1996 David Anderson and the team have assisted and mentored thousands of individuals and companies from all around the world, advising them on such issues as sales and marketing, branding, websites and internet sales, production, product fulfillment, product placement and customer service.

While David was making his first successes online, he realized that many businesses and entrepreneurs were failing to make the same progress that he was. So, he started to help a few local businesses with a simple “no fluff” 2 hour monthly meeting at his house.  The object of these efforts was to help these local companies start, grow, promote and improve their business by selling to international markets or explore existing markets in innovative ways.

This turned out to be a huge success, and so David’s consulting and teaching career was launched.

Currently we offer:-

Website Internet Consulting:- This is where our clients can find our advice and help for free, and can become an executive member so they can interact with us via the website and learn from members webcasts, podcasts, webinars and online courses. This enables a wider spread of clients to meet and learn from us and try out some of our more simple advice before committing to any of our services.

Group Classrooms:- These are small Events of around 15 to 20 individuals looking for a solution or training in a specific subject. It could be promoting online, web design, media tools, SEO, product development, copywriting for sales letters, websites and adverts, increasing profits, maximizing your inventory, establishing new markets, reducing costs, lead generation, closing the sale, business startups, etc.

Business Health Awareness Seminars:- These Events are bigger, and are free to attend. We often ask for a donation to be made directly to a local Children’s charity from attendees if they found the Event helpful. We cover a number of general subjects that can help business and start up entrepreneurs. These Events are totally interactive, and we take time out with everyone in a friendly, relaxed environment and are open to all Q+A’s. These events are all about the customer’s needs.

Intensive Classrooms:- These Events are for groups of 5 to 10 (plus guests) and are usually on a specific subject and include a full consultation follow-up service. For example, an Event might be for businesses that are losing their market and have declining sales. The one-day, intensive classroom would identify their main problem, and explain what they could do to improve their situation. This would be followed by a review of their total business and help implementing the new strategies.

Having been in senior management rolls in both small and large businesses since his early 20’s David and his team have a wealth of information and experience to offer SME’s.

Originally from the south of England, David has traveled extensively throughout world with a special interest in the US and Canada,  building up a good understanding of North American businesses and their disciplines, both in independent “Mom & Pop” stores and multiple “Big Box” operations.  These businesses include start-up, small and medium companies as well as quoted PLC’s in many different industries. 

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