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If you want to try to start blogging for money, you can earn cash in a couple of different ways. One of these ways is to promote your product or brand through the development of a blog and the creation of links and other associations with your brand. This is a good method to use social media networking and to build the relationships you have with customers and potential customers. Consider it to be the first impression of your business to others, that over time can help lead to more orders.

The other way you can earn cash from your blog is by selling your advertising space to other businesses who want to target your reading base. This is accomplished by selling space privately to advertisers or by using the Google AdSense program which will update automatically.

The Positive and Negative

There are both positive and negative aspects to consider if you want to start writing a blog for cash. For advertising if you choose to use pay per click with your blog, there are a number of advantages as it does not require a lot of effort and will run and update automatically once it is set up. The drawback of this method is that it can be difficult to create a large income from this, and it is time consuming.

Contacting private advertisers directly can be a time consuming task but is also more profitable than using the pay per click option. You can include a sponsored link or an advert with other companies that wish to advertise with you, however it may take a while to develop a list of private advertisers in order to make a large enough profit. Because there are so many other blogs and businesses around, your pricing structure needs to be sensible and you should have details about your reader base available for potential advertisers.

Because directly selling advertising options is the best chance to gain a real income from blogging, we will look more into that in this article.

Approaching prospective advertisers

In order to be an attractive choice for advertisers, you need to aim your block at the right niche market. The growth of the internet has caused general themes to become invisible because of the large number of websites out there. You will need to have a small unique niche market to capture your audience.

It is smart to make a good plan and some solid promotional material before you start to contact advertisers. This is because you want to present a professional look and be able to easily answer any questions they may have.

Here are some tips…

It is necessary to have a solid idea of the profile of your blog readers, and be able to provide a profile sheet to advertisers to look over. This should have the details about your common readers including demographics such as academic level, age, sex, socio economic group as well as interests and hobbies. This will help potential advertisers target the specific audience they are looking for. Even small groups of readers can be attractive to advertisers because they may be highly targeted.

You blog should have a lot of posts that have interesting information and high quality content prior to trying to talk to advertisers. Consider your blog to be your store, or shop profile.

It is smart to create contacts in a variety of areas that relate to you blog’s subject and topics. Do this by trying to create a record of people that you come in contact with throughout the course of your business. Use these contacts and the social media to make new contacts. Programs such as Linkedin are especially useful as they are geared to business connections as well as facebook groups and other business pages. The more contacts you develop the easier it will be to pitch advertising to potential sponsors.

It may in fact take several months in order to market your blog and build a list of blog readers and contacts. You can try by offering a small period of free advertising while your readership grows. The links between other websites and your blog will help to get you ranked higher in search results.

Big companies are even getting into the trend of creating blogs as a way to create increased profit. This provides other bloggers the chance to be paid to write for other blogs and companies. Once you have started to create a reputation as a high quality blogger you can try to talk to businesses and offer your freelance blogging services.


While blogging for money can create a good income, many bloggers are disheartened by the amount of money that they end up making, and this is commonly because of impractical expectations. With every blog you need to take time to grow your readership and be able to promote a business and be in a position where others will want to advertise through your blog.

In any type of internet business, you want to have high levels of traffic and a steady flow of regular visitors in order to make a significant amount of money. As the number of blogs continues to increase, being noticed as a blog is becoming more difficult. Just like any type of business marketing is needed to get your material out there no matter how interesting or wonderful the material may be.

When the theme and subject of your blog has been decided, it is important to create a plan of the steps to develop your blog over time. The problem of not having a plan to implement is that your blog may become too diverse and not appeal to your original niche market.

Personality is one of the most important aspects of a successful blog. You want to make your blog very personal and unique and continue to add interesting content  to make your visitors want to come back and continue to read. Try adding lots of pictures and illustrations to add interest.

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