Below are a few of the many 1000's of testimonials that David has received in the past 12 months

“As someone that is looking to get started this is an EXCELLENT course, A wealth of information that is highly practical and that I can start using right now, exactly what I needed. Thank you for your time and effort. Much appreciated!"

By Robert Manfield 

"I just want to say say that so far I am truly impressed by what you have to offer to people like me, who are literally clutching at straws. I have tried so many conventional brick and mortar businesses but have never truly succeeded. I am new to the internet and its online business opportunities. I have looked and digested what a lot of internet 'gurus' have on offer. Yours is by far the best I have seen, it just looks and feels genuine. Keep up the good work."

By Kenneth Lubembe 

May I please take the opportunity of wishing you both and all your family a wonderful Christmas together with the prospect of yet another successful year's trading ahead of you to enable you all to continue to enjoy the incredible lifestyle which you have earned over the years due to the unique professional and friendly manner in which you operate your remarkable business. Well done!

Fondest regards,

By Brian E Keeping

Thanks again for all the info as it has given me more inspiration to make it work as I was in a lull and rut with loads of action but no cigar.
Watch this space....
All the best

By Wayne J

Thank you very much for the course guys.  Much appreciated. I'm also very impressed with the speed of your customer service!  

Keep up the good work and thanks again!

By Bob Bell

1. Wow this potential is absolutely huge. Will it happen? That is down to me. David has given me all the information and tools to make life changing things happen, watch this space..”

By William Kay

2. “One of the most exciting courses that I have ever come across. Superbly presented in a concise and easily digested manner. Best wishes and many thanks.”

By Peter Skinnor 

3. “Before the day I was dreading disappointment but David and his team soon dispelled any doubts. He is so clearly a genuine guy and passionate about business and how to deliver orders. David delivers a clear step by step program for capitalizing on this amazing opportunity.”

By Antony Cecil-Wright

4. “Thank you very much David & David. I thoroughly enjoyed my course. I felt it was intensely educated. Your humor and personality has made it valuable and engaging. I feel confident that it shall be no more than days before I am willing to step ‘forward’. Again, thank you for the education of and a totaling pleasing course"

By H Leo Wac

5. “Very informative and interested with the potential to be very profitable when the different bits are activated.”

By Henderson Went

6. “To good to be true? We now don’t think so after attending previous marketing seminar’s. We finally feel we have the necessary information to move forward into marketing our buisness. Thanks to his down to earth approach. Honesty of David. Thanks for everything.”

By Chris and Eric Relph

7. “Very good, exciting day. However…It was all I expected and more – still find it hard to believe what can be actuated!”

By Mary Deeks

8. “Excellent, well presented information which can be put into effect very quickly without additional expense – ideal that it can be built on rather than having to set everything up at the beginning. Getting traffic/orders has to be the hardest part of any business and Davids approach cuts that out with additional benefit of growing an email list quickly.”

By Mags Barrow

9. “What a real eye opener!!

I have tried lots of other money making opportunities and all have not materialized as expected. This by comparison is a breath of fresh air in the way that we can always get advice if we run into difficulty. For very little effort I can see my first success going through quite quickly. Thank you for a life changing opportunity!!”

By Alam Moverley

10. “What a day – My head is buzzing so much. Real do-able info. Really great interactive sessions. Can’t believe that there is such a phenomenal prize for 1-2-3 action. I’m going to have a problem getting to sleep!”

By Bob Peters

11. “I am now more motivated than ever to starting my first successful project. The day was an eye opener and the presenters explained the potential of markeing properly very clearly.”

By Syed Ahmed

12. “Excellent day, well presented in an informal setting, very informative, I am looking forward to starting a successful business.”

By Eddie Evans

13. “David – I arrived full of hope but also with a cynical viewpoint. However, the day has clearly demonstrated where huge profits can be made with your programme!

The day was superb! Clear & concise presentation – everything factual and ‘filled’ free! Many thanks for this life-changing day!”

By Simon Everington

14. “Just attended a I day workshop with David Anderson with help from his wife Vannessa & David Tye. They are very nice people & the workshop was brilliant with a wealth of information which included material to take home. I really feel confident to use what I have learnt and start my own campaign & start to become wealthy.”

By Peter Freer Leicester

15. “We both enjoyed the day. The information was very useful to us and succinctly put across. Many thanks for the opportunity.”

By Graville Twiggs

16. “Well presented overall. David A comes over as genuine & interested. Hope all works out as inferred – it really has got to work for me! (I’ve had too many “disappointments”). Refreshments were good.”

By Alexander Brown

17. “Every detail explained, every question answered. All I need to do now is get off my back side and earn money. Looking forward to start my first project.”

By C.M. Rees

18. “Great day, filled with enthusiasm to get started. Worth every penny.”

By P. Good

19. “Mind blowing revelations David! Can’t wait to get started. You’ve really fired me up to go mega on the road to financial and social freedom!

Brillinat delivery. Excellent quality of info. Unforgettable stuff.”

By Br. Xowi Mwimbi

20. “Extremely informative. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to an expert! Explaining technical information is a down to earth way. The opportunity was superb – I’m really excited by an opportunity I thought I had missed. Thank you David.”

By Patrick Estaw

21. “Excellent day, very well explained. All we need is to action this.”

By Brian Hill

22. “I found the whole day to be very informative and when I have been able to learn all that I was told, I shall be very satisfied. I hope to be able to report back to you at a later date with my success story!

Many thanks.”

By T D Prideaus

23. “Thank you for a very informative and interesting day you have shown me a way to change my life and will look forward to showing you how good I can be at this.”

By S P Jeffries

24. “A mind blowing experience, can’t wait to get started.”

By Mole Jeffries

25. "Interesting day, lovely company. Thanks."

By Michael of Arabia

26. “Great seminar, very informative. Extreme amount of patience to address everyone’s concerns. Aimed at the British psyche, not overhyped and very believable.”

By A. Maccuay

27. “I have been to a few seminars, but this was different, very different! This really amis an amzing marketing method and to have it explained so clearly by both the Davids has given me the chance to get on early and explode the level of sales I get through the internet. Thank you – It feels like a significant change and I intend to take full advantage!”

By Richard Morrans

28. “Brilliant David. Unbelievable value. Thanks very much.”

By Roy Becuer

29. “What a day! Can’t wait to get started. Really worth the course fee. I have attended other seminars but didn’t really find out how to start!!”

By Glyn Brown

30. “I came with a lot of skepticism but left with a lot of enthusiasm – a very informative workshop and both Davids did a really good job.”

By Glynis Halline

31. “Excellent presentation, tumbling when I came in, buzzing when I left. Can’t wait to get started. Simples!”

By John Tyldesley

32. “David Anderson is a great coach. He was patient and clarified every question and also answered all areas of doubt. I will definitely recommend this program to my best friend.”

By Victoria

33. “The workshop was most enjoyable. The speakers were eloquent and easily understood. The presentations were well structured and the bullet points, reasons and examples boasted my confidence in starting my business. I had written down two questions to ask, but they were quickly answered during the presentation.”

By Peter Church

34. “Just a quick line to say a BIG thanks to you, David & David for the fabulous day yesterday. I did not know what to expect and I came with a very open mind. I just have to say that at the end of the day my mind was buzzing big time. I got about 4-hours sleep last night!!

Over 30 years of Corporate managerial employee mind-set was stood totally on it’s head yesterday. I feel very confident that I can now go on to apply this system and make some impressive returns in the process.

Once again, a big thank you and I wish you all many years of continued health, wealth and happiness.”

Kind Regards

Mervyn Hughes

35. “Many thanks: a great day. A thorough explanation of the process and the opportunity.”

By Anthony Reid

36. “Second course with David and even better than the first.”

By Peter Allinson

37. “Excellent + invaluable infatuation clearly + concisely presented.”

By Roger Abrol

38. “Inspirational, honest, genuine, upto date information. David is “straight up”. No half truths here! Not like some of the so called marketing gurus! Cannot wait to get started on our first campaign! For the first time, after attending several seminars and u  like this is it! My chance! And I am going to grab it with both hands. Thank you David. Watch this space!”

By Mohammed Shakil Khan

39. “I am glad that I have taken time to attend as I was a little concerned about the British coaches, who almost always give half information. I must admit that, I am completely blown away, well done and thank you for giving us such an opportunity for a very nominal fee. Thanks again.”

By I.H.Shah

40. “Thank you David, most impressed. This seems so do-able; I can’t wait to get started. Again, many thanks for the opportunity.”

By Rick Cooper

41. “What energy, enthusiasm and passion… Today has been just what I needed to kick start my online business. Can’t wait to get home and start my Action Plan – then start making some SERIOUS MONEY.

A HUGE thank you to David and Vanessa for today.”

By John Sturrock

42. “A very interesting day to say the least! There was a great deal promised before the start of the day & undoubtedly the two Davids delivered that promise & more besides.

A great opportunity for anyone & everyone ona  scale of each individuals choice.

All in all a very interesting day with excellent presentations.

A big thank you to the two Davids & Vanessa of course.”

By Peter Staplehurst 

43. “Hi David

I’ve been involved in direct sales for many years and know how difficult it is to achieve sales. Big money on marketing and never knowing the response. Those enquiries then have to be sold!! This is the first time internet marketing has interested me.

Pure Genius. Cheers.”

By Peter Bailey

44. “Thank you to David Anderson and David Tye for a really exciting presentation. This really is the best internet marketing opportunity I’ve seen so far, I’ve had involvement in internet marketing before, but my eyes have been opened to a lot of new aspects, in this interesting and entertaining workshop. Thanks again.”

By Norman Douglas

45. “Very good day, Information very good – cannot see how you cannot make more sales with David’s support.”

By Danny Kelly

46. “A very interesting day, very informative & lots of tips on how to get started in the marketing program.”

By David Powell

47. “A very informative day, I feel that I am now ready to start my own campaign... Thanks David.”

By Oswald Bennie

48. “The best workshop I have attended. Loads of information from setting products to getting sales. A way of marketing I did not know about. It all makes sense now. Thanks David.”

By Howard Silmore

49. “Tremendously informative and hugely interesting. Davis’s presentation techniques are second to none. Thanks for a wonderful opportunity.”

By Mark Hancocks

50. “David thank you for an enlightening day. I look forward to capitalizing on the information provided.”

By David Woolley

51. “Thank you David that was a very inspiring presentation. I’m certain that everyone who attended will feel able to go home and start making money – I know that’s what I’m going to do.”

By Jim Kerr

52. “Davis’s presentation was mind blowing! Superb bang upto-date information will get me in at the start. Lively and entertaining, David patiently answered all my questions and the potential of this opportunity if beyond anything I had expected. Highly recommended and worth every penny. Do not let them pass you by!”

By Martin Waller

53. “Just to say a big thank you for your presentation today. It was outstanding, very well explained and all questions answered. I particularly liked the way you made sure that you got to speak to us all in attendance. It was also excellent not having spend the day taking notes because what you speak about was handed to us on disk. Lunch was also excellent.”

By Peter Thomas

54. “I know this was going to be good from  previous workshop (with David) but it has proved more exciting than I dreamt was possible. I believe it will be life changing, if not I need my bottom spanked!!! The two Davis’s have given us a goldmine of advice and education. Thankyou so much.”

By C. Leonard

55. “Many thanks David. The information you have provided today is precious. I will not let you down and will put it to profitable use. Thanks again.”

By R.Gallimore

56. “I found this workshop even better that the last one! The day was very well structured, easy to follow, full of information, but also completely supported by back up digital disc.

Well done David, I am confident I will make lots of money, Thanks indeed.”

By William M.J. Jones

57. “Thanks David and team for a wonderful fact-filled seminar – no waffling. It was a lot to take in but with your handouts, I am confident that I shall have my business up and running in a couple of weeks time.”

By Peter Boateng

58. “A very inspiring and educative workshop. It has given me the courage to start my Internet business at last. Thank you David.”

By Joseph Arthur

59. “David, In the nine years I have been involved in I.M. I have never once given an endorsement for  a seminar/workshop that I have attended. I have to say that your approach and openness was refreshing. As I understand others have said you are the real deal. I totally agree with their comments.

As you are aware my son Jonathan came with me on the day as a total skeptic at the outset is now converted and ready to go watch this space.”

By D.A. Hill

60. “Totally fantastic - its such a refreshing change to be given information that is current, achievable and that 100% makes sense. David and the team explained everything in an easy to understand way and I cannot wait to put it all into practice.  I have absolutely no doubt that I will be making a considerable income in he future...thank you very much for this opportunity.”

By Darren Smithson

61. “This has been the most informative event that I have been to – and I have been to a few. It was very refreshing to have CONTENT and CONTENT but NO SALES pitch.

David you are a star!!”

By Tony Roe

62. “Thank you David & team for an outstanding day. A very refreshing w/s delivered with passion. Open and honest content presented in a superb way.  First workshop I have been on were I feel “yes” I can do this starting today.”

By MR Anthony Mc Guigan

63. “The workshop was a fantastic event! Everything was presented very clearly and we got to take home a copy of all the slides used during the day. David’s enthusiasm was infectious and I was really made to feel he wanted all participants to succeed with the system. Thanks once again!”

By Trevor Sefferies

64. “Hi David many thanks for the valuable workshop presentation, it was well worth the effort to get here today, in the appalling weather conditions. My financial forecast is hot and sunny.”

By David Riches

65. “It was so hard to contain the excitement when hearing about the possibilities of the business plan. I can’t wait to get things started and change the rest of my life.”

By Rob Thomas

66. “A rocking great day. Everything was clearly presented with step by step instructions. Thanks for sharing your own inspiration and experiences. I look forward to being able to put what you have taught into practice and sharing my own story of success with you.

I feel you did more than jus teach...much more”

By Jeff Bateman

67. “I thoroughly enjoyed the day and found the presentation informative and easy to understand. David has a good reputation among other marketers and he comes across as honest and believable.”

By Paul Price

68. “Thank you David for a great day. I have been to a number of workshops and can say without doubt I am more excited about this one than any I have previously attended. I particularly appreciate the personal touch of introducing yourself to each attendee and the very professional manner in which you presented the day.  

I am confident in going home and getting started.”

By Bryan Robinson

69. “You certainly delivered what you promised and much more. I can’t wait to get started with this. I hope that soon I will be up and running and using your techniques. Thanks again for a very informative workshop.”

By Robin Cloush

70. “Great information, puts you on the right track to build a successful business. Thank you.”

By Al Sharif

71. “Very informative and most interesting day. I personally have only attended a few seminars previously but this was without doubt the one that offered the most hope of success. David explained everything in great detail, but most importantly in a very clear and precise manner. That was easy to understand.

Having attended Davids workshop, I can honestly say that my future certainly looks that much brighter.”


72. “The day was absolutely fascinating! David was fantastic, David Tye also. Many thanks to Vanessa as well. The mind boggles of what the potential is for this.”

By Richard Earp

73. “Hi David

What can I say? The workshop has been absolutely fantastic! I am so excited about the potential. I know I may not going to be able to sleep for a week! I just can’t wait to get my new project up and running. One thing I know for sure – this is going to be a VERY happy Christmas.”

By Paul Little

74. “I have left feeling excited and ready to work on all I've learnt. The information has been well presented and very useful and most importantly…New. Usually you just hear the same old stuff over & over but David gave us a new way to makes lots of money – I can’t wait to make that money. Thank you

P.S. Everyone was so friendly & welcoming a great environment to learn.”

By Neil Barrett

75. “A fabulous day with a very professional presentation... if I can achieve a small proportion of what has been shown to be possible I will be a very contented person.”

By Philip Blurton

76. “Excellent from every point of view – something very new well explained so I quickly understood the concepts – especially for a Non Techie! Thank you for answering my questions.”

By Ian Amor

77. “Very simple, easy to follow instructions.

Excellent day. A pleasure – Thank you!”

By Stephen Johnson

78. “Clear, concise, actionable advice.

Do this – get that.”

By A Saran

79. “This could be the start of an exciting journey. David has provided the travel guide par excellence for this opportunity and all that is needed is the determination to commence the journey following the sign posts.

The presentation showed the potential... together with the ways and means to tap into an exploding market. Together with the course pack details there can be no excuses why I should be unable to benefit handsomely from the exposure to what is information presently available to a privileged few. Many thanks to all concerned for presenting a concept that is exciting and potentially extremely beneficial financially.”

By D.I. Vayley

80. “The workshop has been presented with total upfront honesty. Every detail has been fully explained clearly. David has answered all questions to my satisfaction.

Given that I am not in the internet business at present – I feel totally confident that I have been fully equipped to start an internet business, at very low cost, that will actually bring in real orders...this will allow me to spend more time with my family.”

By Kaiser Nazir

81. “The two David’s went through the workshop in a very understandable way. A very cost effective way of doing business.”

 By M. Saleem

82. “David! Are you amazing or what? Super workshop!! I am so glad to be alive.”

By Melvin f

83 “Hi David, thank you so much for today, I can’t believe I am lucky enough to be part of this. The information you have given me today will set me up for ever and I mean that. Thank you so much....This is the way forward in marketing. Thanks to you, I am in position to reap great rewards. God bless you.”

By Chima Okengulel

84. “Very good insight into the future way to do business on the internet. Helps to solve the problem of how to get traffic to your website.”

By Ken McBride

85. “Very clear, very useful information.

I am learning with a “how to” sense of how to proceed, much of my market blocks have (I think!) been removed. The game plan seems very workable!”

By Michael Hoge

86. “Thank you David! a totally original content, delivered professionally, which will have a life changing effect for me.”

By Frank Moran

87. David

“WOW!! This workshop has given me the opportunity to change my life forever. The knowledge and information provided offers and the chance to really achieve the financial and personal freedom that is actually within my grasp, and not some “Pie in Sky” internet marketing course or system that is so prevalent these days from other so called Gurus! Thank you!!”

By Dominic Jackson

88. “David has done it again! Provided information others will not along with a workable blueprint to quick profits – provided action is taken by the attendee. David took the time to talk to everyone in person to make sure they had all the info they needed to make a start. An enjoyable & friendly atmosphere was created by David & his team.”

By Michael Triggs

89. “It was a thoroughly enjoyable day. The presentations by David Anderson and David Tye were stimulating. I learned more about marketing than I could ever, through detailed knowledge and presentation of David Anderson in particular. He has presented in a clear concise way, what this ‘New Marketing’ is about. Well done!”

By Michael Stephenson

90. “It’s one of the very few workshops that I been to that give you the full facts, without holding anything back. David filled in all the blanks that I've never seen before. Thanks David for wonderful day. Great to learn something that is very new. Thanks David & Vanessa.”

By Dave Hamell

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