10 New Exciting Startup Companies in the United States


Here’s a look at some of the most exciting startup companies in the United States in my opinion.


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One of the most exciting companies to get off the ground in 2012 was most assuredly SmartThings, the brainchild of CEO Alex Hawkinson. SmartThings is a company that is dedicated to making the most mundane appliances in your house smart, almost thinking, appliances that can communicate with the homeowner. With Internet connectivity becoming so predominant throughout the world, there is no reason why everyday appliances shouldn’t be able to access the Internet and communicate with appliance owners through mobile devices or social media accounts. This company, essentially, will provide appliances with access to a network, so if the oven gets left on, it can send a text message to whoever’s at home. You can send a message to your porch lights to turn them on, program your thermostat from outside the home, or even start the coffee machine a few minutes before you get home from work.


Sherpaa is revolutionizing the way doctors and patients interact with one another. This business was started by a John Hopkins medical graduate named Jay Parkinson. He got the idea from the way he set up shop in his hometown. Parkinson allowed patients to schedule in-home meetings with him by accessing his Google calendar. He used the calendar to view his appointments, and traveled to the patients’ houses for treatment. Sherpaa will allow patients to send photos or comments about their health issues to a network. The network of technicians, then, will find available physicians in the area and direct the patient to those physicians’ facilities. This is simply an example of the medical community embracing technological advancements, and it will save patients a lot of money, too.


The brains behind Circa come from the head of Matt Galligan, who grew tired of reading huge blocks of news text on his smart phone. Galligan recognized a need for a different type of news browsing application. One that eliminated all the fluff from the stories and focused more on photographs and video content. Newspaper stories, after all, are still written predominantly for print. It’s nonsensical, though, to treat a mobile device like an actual newspaper. They are two different media formats, so content should be delivered differently. Circa cuts down the size of news stories, delivering only the content that can be easily read on a mobile device. It also emphasizes the photos and other media content to make mobile news-browsing more effective.

Paper 53

Apple, Inc. is a great evaluator of apps and upstart companies. If Apple gives a company two thumbs up, you can pretty much count on the company to have great potential. Paper is no exception. This upstart company, started by CEO George Petschnigg is one of the most advanced and incredible sketching apps for a tablet computer that the world has ever seen. For years, sketching on tablet devices was, well, a little sketchy. The interface and response to finger touch for most tablets simply wasn’t refined enough to make the applications effective. Paper, on the other hand, capitalizes on improved touch functionality with the iPad. Images drawn or sketched on paper are absolutely phenomenal.


For the fast-growing business, finding convenient and high quality office space for lease can be a real challenge, especially in a large, bustling city. Many businesses are forced to hold off on profitable expansions and limit themselves simply because the business owners cannot find adequate expansion space to lease in the area. 42Floors is an incredible new company that is making the real estate search process much simpler for businesses. CEO Jason Freedman incorporates real estate listings from all over the country, and there are plenty of photos to browse through, too.


Brewster is a brand-new company that improves upon many smart phones’ existing contact programs. This company has an application that will pull information from your social networks and create a fully-functional and adaptive contact list with all the information you need to stay in touch.


Branch is a round-robin discussion forum for business professionals, executives, deep thinkers, and innovators. Hot topics can be debated on by the professionals, and other users can make comments about the points made by the pros. It’s a great new startup company with a lot of potential.


Vine is a brand new social media application released by the makers of Twitter. Essentially, vine is a video-sharing social network. Playing off the concept of short, 140-character messages via Twitter, vine allows users to share short, 6-second video clips with their fans and followers. While the social media network initially experienced some issues with inappropriate content popping up on the site and no effective ways to flag the content, the network is working out the kinks and progressing quite nicely.


The Jetsons would be proud of modern civilization. The new upstart company uBeam is one of the most forward-thinking companies of its time. Once the technology is perfected, consumers may actually be able to wirelessly recharge their devices. Yes, you heard correctly. The device doesn’t have to be touching the uBeam charging portal. In fact, it doesn’t even need to be near it. Wireless recharging is still in the pioneer stages, but the uBeam company is making advancements in leaps and bounds. It won’t be long before cords and outlets are a thing of the past.


Movie streaming sites, like Netflix and Amazon Prime, are nothing new, but MoviePass, which was started in 2012, may have something different to bring to the table. With MoviePass, users can stream movies that are still in theaters. Essentially, users pay a flat rate that is equal to the cost of a few movie tickets per month. Then, when a movie is released in theaters, they can stream the flick directly to their Internet-connected device. This promises to cause a lot of buzz in the video streaming world.

This is a short list of some of the most exciting and innovative new businesses to hit the business community in the United States.

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