20 Ways to Maximize Motivation in Business


Motivation is an elusive concept. Sometimes, business owners and their employees are


super motivated to achieve reachable goals and push a business forward. On other occasions, motivation seems to slip away and lethargy or discontent settles into a work environment. Rediscovering motivation can be challenging, but it is incredibly important for your team to be motivated. A motivated team accomplishes more, has a better attitude, and cares more about the work at hand.

Steve Tobak of CBS Money Watch knows the value of motivation in the business workplace. His recently published online article explores ten suggested ways to boost motivation amongst employees. Tobak’s suggestions have the potential to make a profound impact on the efficiency of your business’s day to day operations. If you’re looking for even more ways to provide business motivation for both yourself and your employees, here are 20 great ways to maximize motivation in business.

1. Give Your Employees Constant Recognition

One of the simplest ways to boost motivation in the workplace is to constantly hand out recognition for a job well done. Recognition doesn’t need to be dramatic or rehearsed. A simple conversation, a handshake, a slap on the back, or a genuine “Thank you” can be enough to encourage employees to keep working as hard as they can.

2. Make Recognition Public

Another great way to motivate team members is to make recognition a public event. Instead of sharing an intimate thank you with an employee who you pass in the hall, consider making an announcement to your entire team about the efforts of one exceptional individual. Ask the team to give that individual a round of applause. Not only will the recognized employee be motivated to keep working hard, but others will crave the recognition and up their efforts, too.

3. Share One-On-One Moments

Bring employees who are performing exceptionally into your office and thank them. You might also consider taking a group of high-performing employees out for a special recognition lunch or coffee break. You can even provide one-on-one motivational moments with low-performing employees. Paying personal attention to your team will boost motivation.

4. Provide Continual Training

Training never ceases in a working environment. There is always room for personal growth, increased knowledge, and the development of new experiences and skills. Constantly training employees will ensure that they don’t get tired of mundane tasks and that they stay motivated.

5. Be Creative with Job Titles

Job titles can be incredibly motivating. It’s your business, so you can create the job titles that you need to motivate employees. If someone performs well, add words like “manager” or “director” to their title.

6. Help Your Employees Plot their Career Journey

Employees need to feel that they are headed somewhere within your company. Motivate them by plotting out a career journey and showing them the potential for development and new achievements within your business.

7. Don’t Wait to Praise

Many business owners want to wait for the “right moment” before recognizing a job well done. Immediate praise, though, can be a great motivator. If you see an employee performing exceptionally, recognize him or her on the spot.

8. Create an Aesthetically Pleasing Environment

The work environment can be a big motivator or a motivation killer. Is your office space clean and efficient? Is it attractive and comfortable? A few changes can boost business motivation.

9. Create Teams with Leadership

Team-building efforts are great ways to boost motivation. Assigning a high performing employee to be the leader of a team will make dramatic motivational improvements across the board.

10. Elicit Praise from the Head Honchos

While praise coming from a manager is valuable, praise coming from a top executive is priceless. Be sure that your employees get recognition from the top every once in awhile.

11. Boost Camaraderie and Team Spirit

Give employees merchandise with your business logo, create posters that motivate, take team photographs, and perform other tasks to increase team spirit. Camaraderie is a great motivator.

12. Be Lenient Occasionally

Occasional leniency may actually help to boost motivation. Allow for casual dress on a Friday or let employees come into work an hour later on a specific day. These lenient efforts may actually boost your team’s performance.

13. Get Together Outside of Work

Schedule outings, picnics, barbecues, baseball games, and other events outside of work to help your team members get to know one another and increase camaraderie.

14. Provide Time Off for Regrouping and Relaxing

Be sure to give your team members adequate time off throughout the year. Time away from work improves the efficiency of at-work performance.

15. Bring in a Guest Speaker

Guest speakers provide a break from the monotony of a regular work day, and they can also provide motivation and insights to your team. Schedule a few guest speakers each year to boost motivation.

16. Create a Healthy Competitive Spirit

A healthy competition can be a great way to boost motivation in a business. Make the competition brief and provide rewards for the winners.

17. Monitor Stress Levels within the Office

Always be aware of stress levels within the office. High stress levels are huge motivation killers.

18. Reward Overachievers with Extra Responsibilities and Benefits

If you have overachievers in the office, don’t try to limit what they can accomplish. Provide them with additional responsibilities, if they can handle it, and be sure to reward them with extra benefits for being such high-productivity workers.

19. Attend Seminars and Workshops

Attending seminars and business workshops as a team can have a dramatic impact on business motivation. Take a company trip for motivation at least once a year.

20. Show Results to Your Employees

When your team is motivated, your business will start seeing results and will profit. These results may come in the form of renewed customer interest, increased sales, better market performance, or higher profit margins. When positive results are achieved through motivation, be sure to share these results with your employees. Nothing motivates more than seeing positive results. Don’t keep your business’s success hidden from the people who will benefit most from the news.

These are just a few ways to motivate employees and spread motivation throughout a business. Implementing these steps can dramatically improve your business’s chances of success in a tough competitive market.

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