50 Reasons Why WordPress is the Perfect Business Building Software


The Moove Agency suggests that WordPress is a superb platform for businesses looking


to build a web presence. Here are 50 great reasons why WordPress is the perfect business building software:

1. Save Big Bucks: With WordPress, businesses don’t have to pay a designer for every change or adjustment to the website. You can manage most of the edits yourself.

2. Easy Access: If your business needs or offerings change regularly, WordPress lets you add new content whenever you need to. All you need is Internet access.

3. Improved Consistency: The page template format that you use will guarantee that all your pages coordinate consistently. It’s much less confusing for the visitor!

4. Communication Speed: There’s no reason to wait for a designer to get back to you on edits or progress. You’re in charge of your own website.

5. No Communication Gap: Dealing with a designer requires you to communicate your vision in terms that can be easily understood. Often, communication gaps cause delays in web design.

6. Deal With Yourself: There’s no need to deal with a graphic designer’s personal time constraints or artistic demands. Your own vision is all that is required to make a great website.

7. Make Time for your Business: You don’t have to worry about generating content all the time. You can delay posts to go up at regular intervals, leaving you more time to focus on your own business’s needs.

8. Easy Upgrades: You can start your WordPress site with a free blog and add features and extras when your budget allows.

9. Easy Domain Name Purchasing: When you are ready to buy your own domain name and direct users to your own business website, the process is quite simple.

10. Social Networking Ease: WordPress websites are friendly to social networks, so you can integrate your online activity in one convenient location.

11. Incorporate Media: You can add both audio and video files to the posts and pages within your website. Because video is considered the SEO strategy of the future, this is a great way to engage your audience and build your business.

12. SEO Friendly: Search engine optimization is hugely important for websites, and the construction of WordPress code is easy to optimize. Google can easily index your site, and your website will post higher in search results.

13. Fun and Engaging: It’s important to have fun with web design, and WordPress keeps your energy and enthusiasm up by avoiding bogging you down with coding tasks and HTML formatting.

14. Search Engine Performance: Because you’ll be more likely to post frequently when using a WordPress website, Google and other major search engines will pay attention to your content and boost you in the search results.

15. Easy Growth Opportunity: If you need to add a page advertising a new service or product, you can do so by using the admin area. WordPress takes care of organization and formatting for you.

16. Super Easy to Learn: WordPress is easy to use and even easier to learn. You’ll quickly discover how to add content, create new web pages, and add images and audio files.

17. Complementary Training: WordPress offers one on one training to new users, so you can ask questions and learn the ins and outs of designing a website.

18. Full Customer Support: Instead of hosting and designing a website yourself, you have a whole team of customer service reps ready to help your business grow.

19. Great Security Features: Your blog or website can be immune to hacker activity simply by hardening your website, and the WordPress team can walk you through the process.

20. Increased Visitors: Many businesses report increased visitor counts on websites that use WordPress formatting. When you post frequent content through WordPress, visitors will come to expect updates regularly from your business.

21. Customer Satisfaction: Because of the high quality, streamlined themes available, customers will be satisfied with the professional look and feel of your site.

22. Easy RSS Setup: Users can subscribe to your updates by creating a real simple syndication feed.

23. Mobile Friendliness: It’s easy to make your website appear naturally on mobile devices, and consumers can even set up an RSS feed to be delivered to their mobile browsing device.

24. Improved Communication: With the inclusion of blog comments, you can start real-time discussions with your customers.

25. Comments Help with SEO: When customers write keyword-rich content on your website, your brand’s industry authority improves with the big search engines.

26. Improved Authority: By posting more frequently through WordPress, you’ll increase your perceived authority within your niche.

27. Speedy Additions: You can set up new pages of content within seconds, so it’s easy to stay ahead of the content and keyword curves.

28. Easily Revamp the Site: You can choose a new, updated theme and keep all of the content in the right place.

29. Increased Brand Awareness: More website pages means that you can cover more brand topics and improve brand awareness with your business website.

30. Increased Understanding of Audience Members: Because of the unique blog comment setup, users will know exactly which posts and topics are sparking an interest.

31. Archival of Blog Posts: Your site can be more organized for visitors and readers.

32. Yahoo! Search Indexing Compatibility: No need to pay for indexing with Yahoo; it’s included with WordPress.

33. Syndicate Your Blogs: You can automatically create RSS feeds and post them on other websites for greater reach.

34. 24-Hour Bing Appearance: When you add your RSS feed to Bing, your site appears in less than a day.

35. Simple Posting: You can publish new content with one click.

36. Approve Comments: Don’t let trolls create a bad vibe on your business website.

37. Add Graphics: Incorporate your own look, logo, and theme.

38. Easy Addition of Plug-ins: This provides greater customization and functionality.

39. Add Polls and Questionnaires: Interact with your visitors directly from your website.

40. WordPress Developers: Because WordPress is so popular, you can find developers to help you with your site design.

41. Website Featuring: WordPress features great websites as advertisements, which can attract attention to your site.

42. Constant Updates: WordPress stays abreast of new technology and important new changes.

43. The Suggestion Box: WordPress is great at listening to customer suggestions and making improvements for business websites.

44. It’s Personal: WordPress makes your business seem more personal and approachable.

45. No Coding: You don’t have to have any knowledge whatsoever about HTML coding to create your business website.

46. Control Your Level of Control: You can control the intricacies of the design or let WordPress handle it for you. It’s totally up to you.

47. Portable Content: All content is stored in a database, so you can transfer it all when you need to.

48. Agility: Create brand new websites to respond to specific needs within your business niche. Link websites for greater exposure.

49. Track Analytics: You can use Google Analytics to track information about your website and its effectiveness.

50. Ecommerce: With plug-ins, you can turn your website into an online shopping center.

What are some other reasons that your business uses WordPress software to reach new customers, expand, and increase profit potential?

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