Top 10 Most Voted Mentors of All Time (And Why)


If somebody can successfully create something out of nothing, you can consider him a genius, a role model, or a mentor. Entrepreneurs who crave for success, profits, and luck in their business have to look up at somebody to get motivated and inspired.

These top 10 most-voted mentors of all time didn’t gain the reputation and the respect of their fellow entrepreneurs for no reason. Sure, they have changed the course of history with their brilliance, creativity, and excellence in business and entrepreneurship. But, it pays to learn more about their accounts, their accomplishments, and their power to influence other business-minded people. And with this, their legacy will be immortalized naturally.

  1. King Croesus is part of the list because of his unmatched influence and contribution in Asia Minor, Lydia’s kingdom in the 6th century B.C. King Croesus minted the world’s first coinage and this means discovering the single stroke of business’s lifeblood: cash flow and liquidity. In this lifetime, King Croesus can be regarded as one of the greatest entrepreneurs that have ever lived, though the rest of the world only realized it afterwards.
  1. Pope Sixtus IV has helped shaped the minds of many entrepreneurs when he taught the lessons about realizing one’s wages of sin. Though to some his reputation is not that quite pleasant because he used the church and his priesthood to grow his market, his ideas had became so marketable. Licensing the brothels and authorizing the Spanish inquisition were definitely an idea to ponder.
  1. Benjamin Franklin is undoubtedly America’s first capitalist. Though there is a long list of qualified entrepreneurs who can also serve the people by mentoring, Franklin stood out effortlessly. Other entrepreneurs will not think twice in making him their role model especially with the fact that he knew how to commercialize everything that has come from his prolific mind. And if you want to learn more about inventing, writing, and business managing, Franklin is your man.
  1. Phineas Taylor Barnum is the man behind modern advertising. He acquired his wealth because he never stopped being curious. When he created the Barnum and Bailey Circus, the world gained the opportunity to see what was dubbed as the “Greatest Show on Earth.”
  1. Thomas Edison deserves everybody’s gratefulness when he brought light to the world. But, his great contribution didn’t end with a single invention because he also discovered phonograph, the talking motion pictures and a long-list of patented inventions. There is no doubt that he bears the title for being “The Most Creative Inventor of All Time.”
  1. Henry Ford is the “Father of Transportation.” Bringing to the world his vehicles is the greatest thing that he could ever done to human race. The Model T by Ford has changed mankind’s lifestyle. In America, Ford has transformed the dreams of many Americans as they fulfill their dreams of populating the world by means of traveling on a car. The moving assembly line that he designed is another historical breakthrough.
  1. Benjamin Siegel or “Bugsy” to his comrades is not your ordinary mobster. The truth is: Benjamin Siegel is a visionary. If you will track his influence and contributions in inventing Las Vegas, you will beg for him to mentor you all the way. When did gambling become an attraction? When Benjamin Siegel thought so. When you want to attract somebody in investing or spending their money, ask Benjamin Siegel and he has some useful answers for you.
  1. Ray Kroc is synonymous to the word “persistence.” Ray Kroc is more than a kitchen wares salesman. His influence in the business world was determined when he started the concept of a limited menu, fast service, and cheap price tags.
  1. H. Ross Perot is both an entrepreneur and a cowboy, how is that for total odd character? But this tiny Texan folk had the winning idea when it comes to maximizing the benefits and advantages of computer technology. And his history of being rich can be traced back when he acquired the contracts Medicare and Medicaid—two programs under the new federal health care.
  1. Jobs and Wozniak like Steve Jobs established their billion-dollar legacy from a garage in Palo Alto. Ask the technophobes about democratize computing and operating system design and they will narrate an account wherein Jobs and Wozniak serve as the stars.