About David Anderson Online


With over 30 years of business experience both in small start ups and large multi nationals David and his team bring a new perspective to business. Having owned or run over 20 businesses in many different sectors, both from start up, to buy ins, one man bands to over 200 employees, there’s not much that they haven’t seen, and problems they hasn’t solved!  Having had most of his success  online, David is now keen to help others achieve the same success.

FYI - David started with virtually nothing but a dream of being financially independent…totally on his own and without the help and advice he is now able to give YOU.

Now you can benefit from his vast knowledge and expertise to exceed your aims and goals. David is a successful, driven, self-starting, life-affirming, entrepreneur.&

Blessed with a realistic view of life, high motivation, extraordinary vision and focus, David continues to blaze a trail for others, shaking things up and leaving his indelible mark on the world in which he was born. Just ask anyone who really knows him, they’d agree with that statement “wholeheartedly!”

David thoroughly enjoys family time and although he is extremely busy, he knows when to ‘down tools’ and spend quality time with the family. He is a great believer in ‘getting the balance right’ and has spent years perfecting it!

Quantum Leap…..
His yearning for a quantum leap in thought, life and living,  led him into the world of attending seminars, meeting with and talking with seasoned entrepreneurs, millionaires, billionaires and marketing professionals.

David finally realized that what the world really needed was less “fluff and stuff”- inflated theory-selling and story-telling and more practical, workable, down to earth and effective marketing strategies,  simply and clearly stated from someone actually willing to ‘lift the lid’ and tell it straight  “what works for me”,  “what will work for you”.

David is now one of the leading and successful authorities in small business and business start ups today and is committed to helping others achieve and exceed what he has done with the least amount of effort, assuming that you have a seriously low budget,  and working with little or no out-of-pocket cash …

David Anderson Online
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